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-------" WE DEAL IN PAPER, FRIEND! " -------

Be advised some manuals are NOT for sale; they are listed here for reference
only; scans and photocopies available.  Many are for sale, especially the two-
way manuals; simply send me an email.  Digital pix always available, much
more to organize and list.  Always looking to purchase original service manualson a wide variety of subjects: EMAIL ME!
I am running behind, and am not fully organized, along w/ "inheriting" two grandchildren, I recently suffered a heart attack; many requests went unanswered due to my illness.  PLEASE be patient!  Also, PLEASE realize:

1. I CANNOT scan and email 20/30/40 page manuals (!!) for free; it takes a
    couple hours to scan I cannot do these for free, it takes way too much time.
2. I am moving as fast as I can!  If you don't receive a reply to your request,
   please contact me again and tell me how slow I am!
3. I am having some email problems here and there; again, if I haven't replied
   to your request, try contacting me again!
An " (S) " after a manual description denotes SCHEMATIC IS PRESENT!!

"(S)" means I have scanned the item, BUT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THE ITEM IS "FREE", altho there are some items that are!!

NO download via this website at this time, maybe in the future!

I also have some older GE & Motorola equipment that can provide parts, etc.!
Some /\/\ MT500 handhelds (mainly UHF) in stock, desktop chargers, rack chargers (holds 12 units), MICORS, MCR100'S, a few MITREKS, HT-220s, etc.
At the end of the Motorola Manual section is a listing of manuals for Sirens, Controls, etc. that might be of interest to you; Federal, Unitrol, etc.   Use this link to take you there; hopefully I'll have more available in the future.

Found this used unit out of a county emergency vehicle; it's seen some use, unknown condition, UNTESTED.
It was SUPPOSED to be a working unit; all wiring on the rear panel appears to be stock and complete;
front panel and case shows some wear, not real bad - knob is missing off the light control switch, the
overlay is starting to peel at the lower left hand corner; all rocker & toggle switches appear to function correctly.
$150.ØØ OBO + shipping


Complete units & parts units, Test Equip & Amateur

Used Test Equipment~Parts Units~Accessories~Etc.


Various Equipment~Accessories~Etc.

Military Radios & Equipment

Tube & Solid State Audio~CCTV~Etc.

Amateur~Test Equipment~Computers~Etc.

Wood & Plastic~TransO's~Etc.

SMD Reels~Transformers~Various Caps, Resistors, Etc.

Older PCs (pre-286), documentation, Calculators, slide rules, parts, Etc.

Various Subjects relating to Electronics

I am looking for the following documentation to complete various manuals
that are missing pages, schematics, etc.  Any manual that does not have the (S)
after it's description is missing the schematic, and I am always looking to acquire
this item.

Regency MX-3000 Scanner - Need a clean schematic!
KyoKuto Denshi F
& FM-2015R Schematics & Parts Lists
YAESU FT-2700RH Operation/Instruction Manual, nice scans are fine!

Accepting scans of Astron Power Supplies to add to my current list of FREE scans for this

Amateur Radio/SWL/Etc.
Documentation & ARRL Handbooks

May 1931 CQ Magazine!
I recently acquired an early CQ Magazine; this is the May 1931 edition (Vol. 1 No. 3);
very nice condition, at this time the magazine was devoted to the Commercial Radio Operator,
and was aimed more towards the Maritime Radio Operator.  An interesting 20 pager (no
pictures, unfortunately), very "down-home" style, w/ gossip page included!  Employment
section, classifieds, editorials, some ads, historical data, etc.
This item is being donated to the Maritime Radio Historical Society who has undertaken the
 the project of  preserving the historic coast station KPH and returning it to the air, located at Point Reyes National Park (near San Francisco).  Visit their website:
Good read for anyone interested in preserving radio (and U.S.) history.
I've scanned the magazine (22 pages w/ covers) and it is available to anyone interested in viewing
the documentation; please email your request!


  • ABBOTT TR-4 Ultra High Frequency 2½ Meter Transmitter/Receiver, 4 page instruction w/ schematic/parts (S) (S)
  • AEA PAKRATT Model PK-64 Multimode Data Controller & Model HFM-64 Enhanced High Frequency Modem, Operating Manual (includes schematics of each)
  • AEA PAKRATT Model PK-232 Operating manual (S)
  • AEA PAKRATT PK-232 Manual Addendum package (S)
  • AEA Computer Patch CP-1 Instruction manual (S)
  • AEA PK-80 Packet Controller Operating Manual (S)
  • ALINCO ALM-203T/E (sealed)(S) (S)
  • ALINCO DJ-180/480 Instruction manual
  • ALINCO DJ-560T/E Service manual (sectional schematics)
  • ALINCO DJ-580T/E Service manual (S)
  • ALINCO DJ-580T/E Instruction manual (S)
  • ALINCO DR-110T/E, 410T/E Instruction manual
  • ALINCO DR-110/TE Service manual (photocopy)(S)
  • ALINCO DR-600T Advanced Edition Operator's Manual
  • ALINCO EBP-20N/22N Instruction sheet
  • ALLIANCE Tenna-Rotor C-225 Temporary Service instructions: this is a troubleshooting guide, and contains some good testing 
    methods; does NOT contain breakdowns, etc. (S)
  • ALLIANCE HD-73-1 Rotator Owner's manual, Control & Rotor, schematic & breakdowns (S)
  • ALLIANCE Tenna-Rotor Service manual (ATR/C-225/C-225A/DIR/HIR/F-4/T-10/K-22/T-12/T-45U-83//U-98) breakdowns & schematics (2) (S)
  • ALLIANCE Tenna-Rotor T-20 Supplemental instruction sheet, schematic & breakdown, control & rotor (S)
  • ALLIANCE Tenna-Rotor U-100 Supplemental instruction sheet, schematic & breakdown, control & rotor (S)
  • ALLIANCE Thrust Bearing Installation Sheet  (S)
  • ALLIED RADIO SHACK Model AX-190 Communications Receiver, Service (S)
  • ALLIED RADIO RF Resonance/Coil Winding Calculator data sheet
  • AMECO Models ANL-6/12 Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model BK-5 Battery Kit Instructions (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model BS-9 Install/Op manual  (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model CB-6 Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model CG Install/Op manual (S)
  • AMECO Model CHT/CHT-2/CLT/CLT-2/CUT/CUT-2 Install/Op manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model CLB Installation/Operation manual (S)
  • AMECO Model CMA Install/Op manual (S)
  • AMECO Model CN-50/144/220 Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model CP Install/Op manual (S)
  • AMECO Model CPS-KL/WL/KT/WT Instruction sheet (S)
  • AMECO Model CSB Instructions (S)
  • AMECO Model LN-2 Instruction sheet (S)
  • AMECO FM Monitor RX, UHF Model MRT8 Operator's manual
  • AMECO Model OB-2 Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model OCP Operating manual (S)
  • AMECO Model OP Operating manual (S)
  • AMECO Model PCB Op/Install manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PCFM Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PCL Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PCL-P Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PLF Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PS-1 Instruction sheet (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PS-2 Install/Op manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PT Instructions(S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PT-2 Instructions(S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PT-3 Instructions(S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PV/PH Preamp Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model PV Preamp Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Allwave RX Model R5A Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Models SNL-6/12 & SNLT-6/12 Installation manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO Model SWB & BIU Operating instructions (S) (S)
  • AMECO TX-62 Xmtr, Operating manual (S) (S)
  • AMECO VFO Model VFO-621 Operating Instructions (S)(3) (S)
  • AMERITRON AL-80/80A Kilowatt Amp Instruction manual (S)(2)
  • AMERITRON AL-80A  High Power Linear Amplifier Instruction Manual (S)(S)
  • AMERITRON AL-1200 Amp Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • ANDREW Type 11033 & 12992 Solid Cable Assembly Instruction sheet
  • ANTENNA SPECIALISTS  RF Power Amplifier Model ASA-3100-25, VHF, Instruction/Service manual (S)
  • AOR AR5000 Operating manual
  • Articles, Various:  KLM JV-2 CQ Review, Butternut 2MCV CQ Review, Drift Correction Circuit for Free
  • Running Oscillators, Curing Frequency Drift in the Swan 350, TR-22 Tips, Super Deluxing the TR-33,
  • ARCHER (RadioShack) Automatic Servo-Rotor Instructions (S)
  • ASTATIC Mdl 977 Dynamic Desk Microphone spec sheet (S)
  • ASTRON Power Supplies, schematics:
  •        RS-12A, schematic  (S)
           RS-20A & RS-20S, schematic  (S)
           RS-35M Power Supply, Schematic  (S)
  • ATLAS 210X/215X SSB Xcvr Op/Maint. (S) (S)
  • ATLAS 210X/215X Service Bulletions (S)
  • ATLAS 350XL Op/Maint. manual (sectional schematics) (S)
  • ATLAS PC-120 Noise Blanker Instructions (S) (S)
  • ATLAS Adding Sidetone to the 210 Xcvr (S) (S)
  • ATLAS Model 10XB Crystal Oscillator Instructions (S) (S)
  • AUTOTRONIC 752M schematic (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-300 2mtr Handheld Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-300 Adjustment & Service manual  (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-2000 2mtr Xcvr, Instruction manual (S - large) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-2800 Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-3000 Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-4000 Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-4000 Adjustment & Service manual (S) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-6000 Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-7000(H) Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • AZDEN PCS-7200H/7300H//7500H/7800H Instruction manual (S)
  • BENDIX PAR-70A Receiver Maintenance Instructions (S) (S)
  • BENDIX PAT-40A Transmitter Maintenance Instructions (S) (S)
  • BENDIX MN-26 Radio Compass Instructions (S)
  • BENDIX MN-31 Radio Compass Instructions (S)
  • BENDIX RA-1 Radio Receiver Instructions (S)
  • BENDIX RA-10 Radio Receiver/DF Instructions (S)
  • BENDIX RTA-1 Communications Unit Instructions (S)
  • BENDIX TA-2 Transmitter Instructions (S)
  • BENDIX TA-6 Transmitter Instructions (S)
  • BENDIX TA-12 Transmitter Instructions (S)
  • B&W Model 374 Dummy Load-Wattmeter, Op/Service (S) (S)
  • B&W Model L-1000-A Linear Amp Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • B&W Model 5100 Instruction manual (S)
  • B&W Model LPA-1 Linear Amp & LPS-1 Power Supply Instruction/Assembly manual (S)
  • BUTTERNUT ELECTRONICS Model TBR-160-S Assembly/Instruction book
  • BUTTERNUT ELECTRONICS Model HF6V Assembly/Installation
  • CDE AR-22R Antenna Rotor & Control Box, Instructions  (S)
  • CDE AR-40 Rotor System Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • CDE CD-44 Manual (poor copy)(S) (S)
  • CDE HAM III Series 2 Rotor System Owner's manual, Control & Rotor, schematic & breakdown (control
  • unit HAM III/CD-44 Series 2) (S)
  • CDE CDR Ham Rotor Service Manual, Model TR-44, rotor & control, schematic & breakdowns (2) (control units Series 1 & 2)(11/65 datecode) (S)
  • CDE CDR Ham Rotor Owner's Manual, Model HAM-M (S) (S) Donated by Don Merz, big thanks to N3RHT !!
  • CDE CDR Ham Rotor Service Manual, Model TR-44, rotor & control, schematic & breakdowns (2) (control units Series 1, 2 & 3)(3/71 datecode) (S)
  • CENTURY (LINEAR SYSTEMS INC., LOS GATOS, CA)  400-12 DC-DC Transistorized Converter Instruction Sheet (S)(S)
  • CLEGG MARK 3 Owner's manual, 15W/2mtr, (S)(photocopy)
  • CLEGG FM-76 10W 222mhz FM Xcvr Owners manual (S)
  • COLLINS 35C-2 Low-Pass Filter Instruction book (S)
  • COLLINS 51S-1/1A/1F/1AF/1B Receiver Instruction manual (S)
  • COLLINS 75A-3 Instruction manual (S)
  • COLLINS 75S-3 & 75S-3A Instruction manual (S)
  • COLLINS KWM-1 Instruction manual (partial sectional schematics)
  • COLLINS MP-1 Power Supply Instructions (S) (S)
  • COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT SCHEMATIC MANUAL: schematics of the following equipment:
  • Aerotron 600 Series (xmtr, rx & ps), Bendix (16TS-1/16TS02 Xmtrs, 16RS-1 Rx, 15PT-1 PS), COMCO (582-T/582-TN, 905-TE, 580-R/582-R, 905-R, 905-D,581-D & 582-D PS), GE TPL (ET-33-C/D), GE Power Amp (4EF11A10/11), GE TPL 130-174mhz Rx (ET-31-C/D), GE TPL 12V PS (4EP15B10); also Aerotron Preventative Maintenance, Receiver Alignment Procedure, Transmitter Alignment Procedure, TVR Maintenance, Bendix 16TS Alignment Procedure, Bendix 16RS Alignment Procedure, COMCO 582 Series Receiver Alignment & Maintenance, & GE ER-31 Alignment Procedures.
  • COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALISTS Programmable CTCSS Tone Encoder Mdl SS-32P Instruction (S)(5) (S)
  • COMTRONIX FM-80 10 meter xcvr Instruction (S)
  • COMTRONIX FM-200 6 meter xcvr Instructions
  • CUBIC COMMUNICATIONS Astro-103 Xcvr, Service Manual Addendum, Modification to Astro-102BX Xcvr (adding WARC bands)
  • CUSHCRAFT A103 30 mtr Add-on kit, Assembly/Installation
  • CUSHCRAFT ARX-2B & ARX-220B Assembly/Installation
  • CUSHCRAFT VHF Twist Assembly instructions (S)
  • DENTRON GLA-1000 Operating Manual (S)   donated by Evan AK2Y!
  • DRAKE AA-22 Power Amp Instruction manual (S)
  • DRAKE AC-3 Power Supply, Instructions & Schematic (S) (S)
  • DRAKE DC-3 Power Supply, Instructions & Schematic (S) (S)
  • DRAKE L-4B Linear Amp Instruction manual (S)
  • DRAKE L-4B Linear Amp Instruction manual (S), clean photocopy
  • DRAKE RV-3 VFO Instructions/Service/Schematic (S) (S)
  • DRAKE TR-3 Instruction manual (S)
  • Original 4 page color TR3 advertisement (S)
  • DRAKE TR-22 Instruction manual (S)
  • DRAKE TR-22C Instruction manual (S)(2)
  • DRAKE 2-A Receiver Instruction book (S)
  • DRAKE 2-NT Schematic  (S)
  • DSI INSTRUMENTS INC. Model 3550 550mhz Frequency Counter Owner's Manual (S)
  • DUMONT MCA-101-B, 25 - 54mc Mobile Communications Apparatus (Transceiver), Instruction Manual (S)
  • ECHOPHONE Commercial Model EC-1A original ad (looseleaf)
  • EECO Models 881-M/881-M1 VLF Rx Op/Maintenance & Illustrated Parts Breakdown manuals (S)(w/ equipment)
  • EF JOHNSON Scanning Monitor receivers Interim Service Instructions (S)
  • EICO Model 730 Modulator-Driver Instruction Manual (S) (S)
  • EICO Model 753 Tri-Band SSB/AM/CW Xcvr, Operation manual + Assembly manual, (S)
  • EIMAC SINGLE SIDEBAND, SSB tube manual for EIMAC tubes, GREAT photos
  • EIMAC Power Grid Tubes Quick Reference Catalog 284 (NFS)
  • ELE-KEY Mdl EK-26 Electronic Keyer Instruction book (S)
  • FEDERAL Model TEN-TEN FM Radio RX (VHF-Hi & Lo)(S)
  • FLESHER CORP. TU-170 Terminal (RTTY) Unit Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • FUJITSU TEN FTM15-2588L/FTM15-2588H VHF-Hi, 25W Xcvr, Service manual SM-284A  (S) (S)
  • FUJITSU TEN FTM40-2588H UHF Xcvr, Service manual SM-285A (S)
  • GALAXY R-350 COMM RX Instruction manual
  • GALAXY R-530 Instruction manual (S)
  • GLENAYRE QT-7995A/7996A/6995A/6996A/6895A Transmitter, Op manual (S)
  • GONSET G-76 Schematic (original - 2) (S)
  • GONSET Communicator IV 6mtr Transmitter/Receiver Model 3342/3342-CD/3342-CAP Instructions (S)
  • GONSET Super 6 Mobile Converter Installation/Operating Instructions (S) (S)
  • GORDON SPECIALTIES Roto-Beam Parasitic Beam Arrays manual (S) (S)
  • GRI Mdl 756 Keyboard Interface booklet (S)
  • G.R.S. RF Power Amplifier Type E50 Instruction manual (S)
  • HAL Electronic Keyer 2550 Instruction manual (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS RADIO Catalog #36 (1945)(original)(looseleaf)(original sold) (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS CRX-1 Operating & Service Instructions (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS CRX-4 Operating & Service Instructions (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS UHF-FM Portable Xcvr Model HC-400 Instruction manual (S) w/ CTS-4 Tone Squelch Unit manual (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS Multiple Battery Charger MC-1 Instruction manual (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS SX25 Operating/Alignment/Servicing manual (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-38  (8/1946)(S) (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-38B  (1/1951)(S) (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-38C RUN 2 Operating & Service Instructions (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-40B schematic only (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-76 & S-76U (RUN 3) Operating & Service Instructions (S) (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-76 & S-76U  (S) (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-118 Owner's Guide
  • HALLICRAFTERS S-118 Mark II Receiver Owners Guide w/ schematic/alignment info/cord stringing, etc.  (S) (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS Mdl TR-35A Instruction manual (S)
  • HAMMARLUND HQ-140-X Technical Description & Operating Instructions (S)
  • HARRIS UHF Trunk Mounted Transceiver, Series 450A, Service Manual (S)(2)
  • HARRIS UHF-FM Car Telephone Transceiver, Series 450 (CT-450/LT-450), Instruction (S)
  • HARRIS Solid State Car Telephone, Series 150, Instructions (S)
  • HARRIS UHF Repeater Stations, YD-4525/YP-4525, Service (S)(2)
  • HARRIS CT-155 VHF-FM Car Telephone, Service (S)
  • HARRIS Series 400 Car Telephone, Instructions (S)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Transceiver, Model RF-401, Service manual (S)(2)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Transceiver, Models RF-401-2/403-2/404-3, Service (S)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Marine RadioTelephone, Series RF-440, Instruction (S)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Marine RadioTelephone, Series RF-448, Instruction (S)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Transceiver, Model RF-1500/1501, Instructions (S)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Transceiver, Series 1525, Instruction (S)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Transceiver, Model RF-1525CC, Instructions (S)
  • HARRIS RF-3230 Linear Power Amp Service manual (S)
  • HARRIS VHF-FM Marine RadioTelephones, Ensign Series, Instructions (S)
  • HARRIS TS19 Portable Test Telephone Description/Use, p/n 011722630-001 Issue 4
  • HARRIS TS21 Craft Test Set, Description/Use (p/n 011-724892-001) (S)
  • HENRY RADIO 2 K-3 Linear Amp Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • HUSTLER Antennas 1978 catalog
  • HUSTLER 4-BTV Installation instructions
  • HY-GAIN DUO-BANDER Mdl DB-1015A (330) Instruction manual
  • HY-GAIN Mdl 3806 2mtr handheld Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • HY-GAIN Mdl V-2 Collinear Gain Vertical for 2 mtr Instruction manual
  • HY-GAIN Mdl V-2S Instruction manual
  • HY-GAIN Mdl 18AVT/WB-A Instruction manual
  • HY-GAIN Mdl 18-HT Instruction manual
  • HY-GAIN Mdl Thunderbird Instruction manual
  • HY-GAIN Mdl GPG-2A Instruction manual
  • HY-GAIN Mdl BN-86 Balun Instruction sheet
  • HY-GAIN Rotator Model 3501BA Instruction manual (S)
  • HY-GAIN Rotator Model AR-35 Instruction manual (S)
  • HY-GAIN Rotator Model AR-40 Instruction manual (S)
  • HY-GAIN Rotator Model AR-40X Instruction manual (S)
  • HY-GAIN Rotator Model CD-45II Instruction manual (S)
  • HY-GAIN Rotator Model CD-45IIX Instruction manua (S)
  • ICOM AT-150 Antenna Tuner Instruction manual (schematic only, unless you read japanese!)
  • ICOM BC-72 Desktop Charger Instruction manual
  • ICOM HS-51 Headset Instruction sheet
  • ICOM IC-BP2/BP3/BP4/BP5 Instruction manual
  • ICOM IC-H2/6 VHF Radiotelephone Instruction manual (sealed) (7)
  • ICOM IC-O2A/02AT/02E Service manual (S)
  • ICOM IC-2A Preliminary manual
  • ICOM IC-2A/AT/E Instruction manual, (S); also available are the docs on the IC-DC1 Regulator Unit
  • ICOM IC-2A/AT/E Original foldout schematic
  • ICOM IC-2SAT/2SET 2mtr handheld Instruction manual
  • ICOM IC-U2AT/U2A/U2E Instruction manual (sealed)
  • ICOM IC-3A/AT Original foldout multi-colored Board Layout
  • ICOM IC-4A/AT Instruction manual (schematic is IC-4A/4E/4AT)
  • ICOM IC-04A/AT/E Instruction manual  (photocopy)
  • ICOM IC-4GA/GAT/GE Instruction manual (S)
  • ICOM IC-4GA/GAT/GE Service manual (S)
  • ICOM IC-5P/IC-3P Instruction sheet (S)(2)
  • ICOM IC-22S Original foldout schematic w/ separate Diode Matrix schematic (S)
  • ICOM IC-22U/24E/G Original foldout multi-colored Board Layout
  • ICOM IC-24AT/24ET Instruction manual w/ operating guide (S)
  • ICOM IC-24AT/ET Original foldout schematic (no PCB layouts)
  • ICOM IC-24AT/ET Quick Reference Operating Guide (S)
  • ICOM IC-25A/E Instruction manual (w/ separate board layouts)
  • ICOM IC-25A Schematic (photocopy)(3)
  • ICOM IC-27A/E Instruction manual
  • ICOM IC-30A Preliminary Draft Instruction manual, (S)(3)
  • ICOM IC-37A Instruction manual (S)
  • ICOM IC-201 Original foldout schematic
  • ICOM IC-202S Original foldout schematic
  • ICOM IC-215 2mtr portable, Instruction manual (S)
  • ICOM-WEST IC-215 Preliminary Operation manual (S)(possible photocopy)
  • ICOM IC-230 Instruction manual (S)(2); also available -
  • * How to utilize the 146-147 A&B Positions
    * Using the IC-230 on other than +-600khz repeaters
    * How to use the "C" position on the channel switch
    * Accessory Socket Connections
    * Discriminator Meter circuit
  • ICOM IC-245 Instruction manual
  • ICOM IC-251A/E Original foldout multi-colored Board Layout (2)
  • ICOM IC-251A/E Original foldout schematic
  • ICOM IC-560 Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • ICOM IC-706MKIIG Instruction manual (nice photocopy)
  • ICOM IC-720 Preliminary Operating manual (photocopy?)
  • ICOM IC-730 Service manual (S)
  • ICOM IC-731/731S
  • ^^^Shame on me - burned again on a "sealed" manual - in Japanese, of course.  Schematic is OK, tho.
  • ICOM IC-740 Instruction manual (S); also available are the docs on the following IC-740 Options:
  • * Marker Unit    IC-EX241  (S) (S)
    * FM Unit            IC-EX242 (S) (S)
    * Electronic Keyer Unit  IC-EX243 (S) (S)
  • ICOM IC-3200A/E Instruction manual (photocopy - poor)
  • ICOM IC-3200A/E Original foldout schematic
  • ICOM IC-3210A/E Service manual (sectional schematics)
  • ICOM IC-R7000 Instruction manual (S)
  • ICOM IC-DC1 Regulator Unit Instruction sheet
  • ICOM IC-EX241/242/243 Instruction sheet for IC-740 (2)(1 schematic)
  • ICOM PS15 AC Power Supply Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • ICOM UT-23 Voice Synthesizer Unit Instruction sheet (S)
  • ICOM Micro Handheld Accessories Sheets (battery packs/chargers/regulators/internal accessories/external
  • accessories)(1988 era) (S)
  • 1991 ICOM Receivers Catalog (R1/R771A-E/R72/R100/R7000/R7100/R9000) (S)only!
  • JOHNSON VFO Model 122 Instruction manual (original)(S)(2) (S)
  • JOHNSON VFO Model 122 Original Ad (S)
  • JOHNSON Viking I/II/122 VFO Keyer Modification (S)
  • JOHNSON Viking I Assembly manual (original)(S)
  • JOHNSON Viking I Instruction manual (original)(looseleaf)
  • JOHNSON Viking II-CDC schematic (S)
  • JOHNSON Viking Matchbox Antenna Couplers, Operating Instructions (S) (S)
  • JOHNSON Directional Coupler & Directional Coupler Indicator (S) (S)
  • KAAR Engineering Series 46 Transmitter Instruction manual (S)
  • KAAR Engineering D-24 & D-24R Radio Direction Finders Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • KAAR Engineering Model TR 237 (KAAR 37) Marine Radiotelephone Instruction/Operation manual, serial
  • number 1411 & up (S)
  • KAAR Engineering Type TR426 Transmitter/Receiver Industrial mobile phone "IMP", Install/Maint.  (S)(2)
  • KAAR Electronics Corporation Expediter Model 12TR510A (UHF) Instruction & Maintenance manual (S)
  • KAAR Electronics Corporation Expediter Model TR505/TR506 (UHF) Instruction & Maintenance manual (S)
  • KAAR Engineering Type PRS 9X Receiver Instruction manual (S)
  • KAAR Engineering Type PTS-20A UHF Central Station Transmitter Instructions
  • KAAR Engineering Type 11X Receiver Instruction manual (S)
  • KAAR Engineering Radio Direction Finder Model R238, Serial #1000 & up, Preliminary Instructions (S)
  • KAAR Engineering Series 6 Marine Radio Receiver (above serial #65), schematic only
  • KANTRONICS KPC-2 Packet Communicator II Operator's manual (S)
  • KANTRONICS KAM/KPC-4/KPC-2400/KPC-2/KPC-1 Operator's manual
  • KANTRONICS : The Interface Instruction manual (S)
  • KB-1 RF Converter (mfg = ?)  (S)
  • KDK Model 2015 Scanner FMSS Instruction manual (S)
  • KENWOOD TM-V7A MARS/CAP Modification (factory info)
  • KWICKPATCH KWP-1 & KWP-2 Instruction sheet (S)
  • KYOKUTO DENSHI VHF XCVR Model FM144-10SXRII, Operating manual (block diagram/board x-rays) NO schematic/parts list (S)
  • KYOKUTO DENSHI 2m FM Xcvr Model FM-2015R, Operating manual (block diagram/board x-rays) NO schematic/parts list (S)
  • LAFAYETTE HE-73 PreCon Pre-selector converter, Op manual (S)
  • LAFAYETTE KT-340 RX Assembly manual (photocopy)(S)
  • LAFAYETTE Micro P-50 (VHF-Lo) & P-100 (VHF-Hi) Monitor Receivers, Install/Op
  • LINEAR SYSTEMS, INC. LSP/25A Transceiver Instruction manual (S)
  • LINEAR SYSTEMS, INC. LST-2 SSB Transceiver Instruction manual (Sectional Schematics)
  • LINEAR SYSTEMS, INC. Century 400-12 Mobile Power Supply Instruction Sheet (S)
  • MACKAY Marine Radio Transmitter Type 2002-A Instruction manual (S)
  • MACKAY RX Type 3001-A Instruction (S) (S)
  • MARS RF Field Indicator Model FS-1 Instructions (S)
  • MATRIC Speech Processor Model 60 Assembly Booklet (S)
  • MEISSNER Complete Catalogue w/ Schematics on ALL Meissner Receiver Kits & Adapter Units
  • MEISNNER How to Build Radio Receivers, Complete Instructions on building 20 Meissner Kits
  • MESSENGER CORP. TR-18 Schematic
  • MFJ CPO-555 Instruction sheet (S) (S)
  • MFJ SBF-2BX SSB Filter Instruction sheet (S) (S)
  • MFJ -202 Noise Bridge Instructions (S) (S)
  • MFJ -202B RF Noise Bridge Instructions (S) (S)  Donated by Larry Hower WØLH  tnx, Larry!!   PUT'EM ON THE GOODGUY LIST!!
  • MFJ -204B RF Antenna Bridge Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -207 SWR Analyzer Owner's Manual (no schematic) (S)
  • MFJ -208 SWR Analyzer Owner's Manual (no schematic) (S)
  • MFJ -404 Econo Keyer Instruction sheet (S) (S)
  • MFJ -408/406 Deluxe Electronic Keyer Instruction sheet (S) (S)
  • MFJ -525 RF Speech Processor Instruction sheet (S) (S)
  • MFJ -624D Phone Patch Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -812B SWR/Wattmeter Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ Deluxe HF Peak Reading SWR/Wattmeter Mdl MFJ-815B Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -816 SWR/Wattmeter Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -890 DX Beacon Monitor Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -901B Versa-Tuner Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -910 Antenna Matcher Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -821 VHF Antenna Tuner Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -924 440mhz Antenna Tuner Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -940 Versa-Tuner II Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -941E Versa-Tuner Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -945 Versa-Tuner II Instructions (S) (S)
  • MFJ -945B Versa-Tuner II Instructions (S) (S)
  • MFJ -945E Mobile Tuner Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -949B Versa-Tuner II Owner's manual (S)
  • MFJ -949E Versa-Tuner II Onwer's manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -959C RX Antenna Tuner Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -962 Versa-Tuner III Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -969 Versa-Tuner II Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -971 Portable Antenna Tuner Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -981 Versa-Tuner IV Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -989C Versa-Tuner V Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -1040B RF Preselector II Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -1270C/1276 TNC 2 Data Controller Instruction manual
  • MFJ -5004 Function Generator Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MFJ -8100 World Band RX Instruction manual (S)
  • MFJ "Hints in Obtaining Maximum Performance from Active Audio Filters" sheet (S)
  • MIDLAND Model 13-509 10W 220mhz Xcvr Owner's Guide (S) (S)
  • MIDLAND Model 13-510 Owner's Guide (S) (S)
  • MIDLAND Model 18-805B Universal Base Station Power Supply
  • MILLEN Grid Dip Meter 90651 (S) (S)
  • J.W. MILLER 1956 Catalog (2 different)
  • MIRAGE C22 220mhz Amplifier manual (S)
  • MIRAGE/KLM KT-34A Bandpass Tribander Antenna manual
  • MOSLEY 3 Element Tri-Band Trap-Master Mdl TA-33 Assembly Instructions (S)
  • NATIONAL HRO-50 Instruction Manual (S)  Reference ONLY, NFS
  • NATIONAL IC FET 430mhz Car Transceiver RJX-431 in Japanese w/ some English overwrites
  • NATIONAL NCX-3 Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • NATIONAL NC-200 Instruction manual (original sold) (S) (S)
  • NATIONAL RADIO PRODUCTS 1945 Catalog (War Time 1942 factory reprint)(original)  (S)
  • NATIONAL NCX-5 Mk II Addendum (S)
  • NORTHERN RADIO Dual Frequency Shift Tone Keyer Type 153 Model 2 Instruction book (S)
  • NORTHERN RADIO Dual Frequency Shift Tone Converter Type 152 Model 2 Instruction book (S)
  • NYE Viking Antenna Impedance Matching Network, Mdl MBII Instruction booklet (S) (S)
  • NYE Viking Iambic Keyer Mdl SSK-1-K Instruction sheets (S) (S)
  • OLD SCHEMATICS :  older blueprint-style schematics, individual component valuse not shown, 1920s/1930s (?):
  • * Complete Ship Radio Installation: Federal Type "Q" 2KW Transmitter w/ RCA Type I.P.501-A RX (S)
    * Complete Ship Installation using M.O.PA. Xmtr: RCA RadioTelegraph Xmtr Type
       ET3626B/RCA501ARX (S)
    * Complete Ship Radio Installation: RCA Type P-8 500cycle Spark Xmtr/RCA Type 106D Regen RX (S)
  • PacComm HandiPacket Portable Packet Controller Operating Instructions (S)
  • PHELPS-DODGE COMM. CO.  Duplexer Instruction Book, CAT No. 526, UHF (5)
  • PEARCE-SIMPSON Bimini 550 Instruction, HF Marine RadioTelephone  (S) (S)
  • PLECTRON Monitor receiver P1 Models R13 - R23 & MR21 service (S) (S)
  • PLECTRON Monitor receiver CHIEF MODEL R19A-5/R19B5/R20A5/R20B5 service (S)
  • PLECTRON 700 Models Monitor receivers, R715 - R723, service (S)(2)
  • PLECTRON R8000 Series Monitor receivers service manual (S)
  • PLECTRON G15 Encoders (S)
  • PLECTRON Radio Control Switch (S)
  • RACAL HF RX Type RA6830-516 Installation/Operation/Maintenance manual (S)
  • RADIART Model TR-4 Rotor Service Bulletin, Control & Rotor, schematic & breakdowns (TR4 Series II box) (S)
  • RADIO ENGINEERING LABORATORIES (REL) Type S-119 SSB Communications System Instruction manual: consists of Transmitter T-102, Receiver R-104, Control Unit M-135 & Power Supply P-109; full schematics/maintenance manual
  • RAMSEY 10mtr & 220mhz Receiver manuals (S)
  • RAMSEY COM3 Communications Service Monitor Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • RAMSEY   RF Preamp, Low Noise, Model #PR-40 (440mhz)(S)
  • RANGER AR-3500 Operating Manual
  • RANGER Instruction manual , Models 2950/2970 (S)
  • RANGER Model RCI-2950 Service manual (S) (S)
  • RANGER SDM-1000 Microphone Data Sheet w/ hookups for Icom/RCI 2900/2950/AR 3300/3500, Yaesu/HR 2510,Lincoln (S)
  • REALISTIC DX-160 Receiver Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • REALISTIC DX-440 Owner's Manual
  • REALISTIC HTX-100 10mtr SSB/CW Mobile Xcvr, Owner's manual (S) (S)
  • REALISTIC HTX-100 10mtr SSB/CW Mobile Xcvr, Service manual (S) (S)
  • REALISTIC HTX-200 Instruction manual (S)
  • REALISTIC HTX-202 Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • REALISTIC HTX-202 Service manual (S) (S)
  • REALISTIC HTX-212 Instruction manual (S)
  • REALISTIC HTX-252 Instruction manual (S)
  • REALISTIC HTX-400 Owner's Manual (S)
  • REALISTIC Six-In-One Weather Station Owner's manual
  • REGENCY Model AR-2 2mtr Power Amp Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • REGENCY Model HR-2 2mtr Xcvr Instruction manual (S)(2)
  • REGENCY Model HR-2B 2 Meter Xcvr Instruction manual (S)
  • REGENCY Monitoradio M-40 Op/Service manual (S)
  • REGENCY Model TMR-8H/L Monitoradio Rx  Instruction manual, 8 channel crystal controlled (S)
  • REGENCY Monitoradio TM Series Op/Service manual (S)
  • REGENCY DC Power Supplies, Models BPS-20LH, PS-1422 & PSC-1422 (S)
  • REGENCY VHF Repeater, Instruction/Service manual, Model MCCH06R A/B/C  (S)
  • REGENCY VHF Power Amplifier, Service manual, Model ACH100CD & AASCH100CE (S)
  • RF Communications  IM-1000 VHF-FM Transceiver Models RF-401-2/403-2/404-3 Instruction manual (S)
  • RME HF 10-20 Radio Frequency Converter Op/Service manual (S)
  • RME 45 RX original ad (S)
  • ROHN 1979/1980 Communications Catalog; complete docs on towers/guys/hardware/lighting/etc.
  • ROTO-BEAM Manual, Parasitic Beam Arrays + Synchro Anten-a-Cator
  • SAM'S Communications Equipment Schematic Manual, 1963, various equipment (S) ORIGINAL FOR SALE ONLY, NO COPIES!
  • SBE SB33  SSB Xcvr, Operation/Service (S) (S)
  • SBE SB144 2mtr Xcvr Instruction manual (S)
  • SONAR Model FM-3601 Instruction manual (S)
  • SONAR Monitor RXers FR-104/FR-105 Instruction manual (S)
  • SONY ICF-SW7600 Operating Instructions (S)
  • SPECIALTY CONTROLS SC-16 Repeater Controller, Operation/Programming
  • SWAN Model 14-X DC Module & Mdl 117-X Power Supply Schematics
  • SWAN FM1210-A 2mtr Xcvr Op/Maint. manual (S)
  • SWAN Hybrid Phone Patch Instruction sheets (S)
  • SWAN Universal Power Supply Systems: two pages = description & schematics, includes 14-X & 117-X  (S)
  • SWAN Model 240 Instruction
  • SWAN Model 350 Op/Maint. manual (S)
  • SWAN Model 400 Xcvr Op/Maint. manual (S)
  • SWAN 400G Op/Maint. manual (S)(photocopy)
  • SWAN Model 500C Op/Maint. manual (S)
  • SWAN 700-CX Op/Maint. (S)
  • SWAN Model 1200-W Linear Amp Op/Maint. (S)
  • SWAN MMBX Matchbox Operating Instructions
  • TAILCHOPPER TC-2100/2200 Instruction sheets
  • TBR- 160-S Vertical Antenna Assembly/Installation
  • TECHNICAL MATERIAL CORP. Linear Power Amplifier Model PAL-1K Technical manual (S)
  • TECHNICAL RADIO CO . T-350XM RadioTelephone-RadioTelegraph Transmitter, Operating (S)(2)
  • TELEX/HY-GAIN Model V2 Instruction manual
  • TELEWAVE Open Dipole Antenna Two Dipole Instructions
  • TEMCO Radio Transmitter Model 250 GSC, Instruction
  • TEMPO (HENRY RADIO) Model 2020 Instruction manual (S)(2)
  • TEMPO (HENRY RADIO) Model 2020 Service Information (photocopy)(S)
  • TEMPO DC/1A 12V Power Supply Instructions (S) (S)
  • TEMPO   (HENRY RADIO) Model FMH 2 meter handheld, Op/Maint. (S)
  • TEMPO M1 Marine Xcvr, Specs & Schematic (?)
  • TEMPO   (HENRY RADIO) Model S1 & S5 2mtr/TEMPO S2 220mhz Handheld Xcvr Operating manual (S)
  • TEMPO S1 Operating Instructions (S)
  • TEMPO   (HENRY RADIO) Model S-4 440mhz handheld Xcvr Op manual (S)
  • TEMPO ONE (HENRY RADIO/YAESU FT200) HF Xcvr Instruction manual (S)
  • TEMPO VHF/One Plus 2mtr Xcvr Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • TEN-TEC Corsair II Operation (photocopy)
  • TEN-TEC Model 200 VFO Operating Instructions (S) (S)
  • TEN-TEC Hercules II Model 420 Linear Amplifier Op manual (S)
  • TEN-TEC Model 544 Owner's manual (S)
  • TEN-TEC Model 585 HF Xcvr Owners manual (S)
  • TEN-TEC MF/HF COMM RX SP-325 Operation/Maintenance/Installation Technical manual (S)
  • TPL VHF-Hi Power Amplifier Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • TPL UHF Power Amplifier, 400 - 512mhz, Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • WELLER UNGAR 4624 Service Center Owner's Manual (S)
  • WELLER UNGAR 5088 Desoldering Pencil Owner's Manual (S)
  • WILCOX ELECTRIC CW3 Receiver (J)(3)
  • WRL Electronics Globe Linear Amp Model LA-1 Instruction manual (S)(w/ foldout wiring diagrams & schem)
  • WRL Globe Scout Model 40A Bandswitching Xmtr Instruction manual (S)
  • XITEX CORP. Morse Xcvr Model MRS-100 Operation manual (S)(3) (S)
  • XITEX CORP. SCT-100 Single Card Video Terminal Operation manual (S)(3)
  • XITEX CORP. SKT-100 Keyboard Terminal Operation manual (3)
  • XITEX CORP. ABM-100 schematic, Universal Code Converter ASCII/Baudot/Morse
  • XITEX CORP. UDT-170 Universal Data Transceiver Operation manual (S)
  • YAESU CPU-2500R 2mtr Xcvr w/ CPU,  Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU DX-100/150 Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FC-757AT Instruction manual (S)  (w/ FT-757GX Operating manual)
  • YAESU FL-2000 Linear Amp Instruction manual (S) w/ color ad
  • YAESU FL-2025 Schematic
  • YAESU FL-7000 Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FNB-9/10/11 Rechargable Battery Pack (FT-23R/FT-73R) (S)
  • YAESU FP-757GX Switching Power Supply Instruction booklet (w/ the FT-757GX Operating manual)
  • YAESU FR-7700 VHF Converter Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-DX-560 Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-7B HF Mobile Xcvr, Instruction manual (S)   Donated by George Devilbiss
  • YAESU FT-26/FT/76 Preliminary Service manual (sectional schematics)
  • YAESU FT-26 Handheld, Technical Supplement (sealed)
  • YAESU FT-50R Instruction manual
  • YAESU FT-73R Operating manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-73R Quick Reference Card (S)
  • YAESU FT-76 Handheld, Technical Supplement (sealed)(2)
  • YAESU FT-100 Instruction sheet (S)(2)
  • YAESU FT-100 Frequency Expansion modification, factory info
  • YAESU FT-101 Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-101E Operating manual (S)(photocopy)
  • YAESU FT-101E/101EE/101EX Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-101E Schematic (large)
  • YAESU FT-200 Tempo One Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • YAESU FT-208R Instruction manual
  • YAESU FT-208R A/B/C/D/E Schematics  (S)
  • YAESU FT-221 Instruction manual (S)(2)
  • YAESU FT-221R Instruction manual (S)
  • Modification of FT-221/221R to cover Repeater Sub-bands 144.5 - 145.0 mhz (S)
  • YAESU FT-230R Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-290R Schematic
  • YAESU FT-290RII  Schematic
  • YAESU FT-707 Maintenance Service Manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-709R Technical Supplement (S)
  • YAESU FT-712RH Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-720R Series Instruction manual
  • YAESU  FT-727R Technical Supplement (photocopy)
  • YAESU FT-757GX Operating manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-757GX CAT System Serial I/O Data Manual for the  (w/ the FT-757GX Operating manual)
  • YAESU FT-757GX II Operating manual (S)(2)
  • YAESU FT-757GX II Technical Supplement  (S)
  • YAESU FT-912RH Preliminary Service manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-2400H Preliminary Service manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-2700RH Technical Supplement (S) Donated by Bruce Penney, N3RIK; a big thank you to Bruce!!
  • YAESU FT-4700RH Schematic
  • YAESU FT-5100 Operating manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-5200 Preliminary Service manual (S)
  • YAESU FT-7400H Operating manual
  • YAESU FTC-2640 Service manual (S) (S)
  • YAESU FTC-2640 S/I SMART/IMTS Mobile Telephone Operating Instructions (photocopy) w/ schematic
  • YAESU FTC-2640 Smart/IMTS Mobile Telephone (Addendum)
  • YAESU FTC-2645 SUPPLEMENT to FTC-2640 Service/Maintenance manual (S) (S)
  • YAESU FTC-5340 Service/Maintenance manual (S)
  • YAESU FTH-2008 VHF Handheld Service manual (S)
  • YAESU FTH-2009 Service Manual (S) (S)
  • YAESU FTH-7008 UHF Handheld Service manual (S)
  • YAESU FTL-7002 Service manual (S)
  • YAESU FTS-32E BCD Programmable CTCSS - Burst Encoder Instruction sheet (S)
  • YAESU FTT-4 DTMF Keypad for the FT-23R/FT-73R  (S)
  • YAESU FTV-650 Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • YAESU MACRO-232C (japanese)
  • YAESU MW-1 Wireless Remote Mic Instruction manual (FT-5100/5200/6200) (S)
  • YAESU NC-2 Quick Charger Instruction sheet (S) (S)
  • YAESU SP-101P Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU SP-101PB Instruction manual (S)(2)
  • YAESU Tempo One Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU VX-1R Instruction manual (S)
  • YAESU YC-7B Digital Display Unit Instruction sheets (S) (S)
  • YAESU YC-305 Instruction manual (S)(2) (S)
  • YAESU YC-355D Instruction manual (S) (S)
  • YAESU YO-301 Monitor Scope Operation manual (S)(photocopy)
  • 1968 YAESU SSB Lineup Advertisement (foldout sheet), in japanese, of course (S)
  • YAESU HAM GEAR CATALOG, in japanese, FT-2F/FT-101 era  (S)
  • ZENITH Model Royal 3000-1 TransOceanic Portable Receiver Service Mnaual (S) (S)

Audio & Video/Vintage Equipment Docs
  • ALTEC : I recently acquired a load of original ALTEC docs from a retired engineer; most were auctioned
  • off, but as usual I scanned as much as possible before they left for their new home; most everything dates from the 1968 - 1974 era.
       * Inverse Square Law Calculator: this was a heavy cardboard stock calculator typical of the time - I've
          scanned the carrying envelope, the actual calc, and the owner's manual (S)
       * Voice of the Theatre Loudspeakers & Network, Installation Instructions (S)
       * 626A Microphone Operating Instructions: full breakdowns, etc.  <<<Original & scan available
       * 1215A/1225A Operating Instructions    <<<Original & scan available
       * 1218A/1219A/1219AX Portable Speaker Systems Operating Instructions  (S)
       * Loudspeaker Brochures: 417-8H/418-8H/421-8H/425-8A
       * 704A Receiver Home Owners Manual (S)
       * 710A Receiver Home Owners Manual (S)
       * "The Computer & Sound System Design", an early ALTEC brochure covering theory/principles of
           sound system design  (S)
       *  Speaker System Brochures: 1204B/1207B/1208B/1209B/1215A-1225A/1219A (S)
       *  Audio Control Console Model 1220 Owner's Manual (S)
       *  654A Cardioid Microphone (brochure)  (S)
       *  "ALTEC & The Ontario Motor Speedway Incorporates The World's Most Powerful Sound System" (S)
       *  1970 ALTEC Musical Sound Equipment Catalog  (S)
       *  1968 Speaker Enclosures: Their Design & Use (S)
       *  1973 (?) Loudspeaker Enclosures: Their Design & Use  (S) Original available
  • AMPEX MICRO 9A Installation/Operation manual
  • AMPEX Model 351 Magnetic Tape Recorder/Reproducer Technical Manual   TM-2002A
  • AMPEX Model 354 Magnetic Tape Recorder/Reproducer Technical Manual TM-2011B
  • ARC D-150 Amplifier, schematic only
  • ARCHER (REALISTIC) Disguised CB/AM/FM Antenna (1982)(Cat. # 21-990) (S)
  • ARVIN 1947-52 Service/Parts Price Catalog; also contains some Radio service bulletins (S)
  • AUDIOVOX 8 Track/AM/FM MPX Auto Radio Owners Guide (S) (S)
  • AUDIO RESEARCH D-5 Amp, schematic only
  • AUDIO RESEARCH SP6A Preamp, schematic & parts list
  • BLONDER-TONGUE LABS Solid State VHF/FM Broadband Amp Model CVB-45P
  • BLONDER-TONGUE LABS TVRO Modulator ESM4928 (stock #4928) Instruction manual (S)
  • BLONDER-TONGUE LABS MCA-B 3v VHF Channel Processor, Mdl 4454, Instruction manual (S)
  • BLONDER-TONGUE LABS VMT-A Video Modulator, Mdl 4922, Instruction manual (S)
  • BOGEN Model RT8000 AM/FM Stereo receiver, SCHEMATIC ONLY
  • CASIO Pro-Tone Data Book, Vol. 1, Digital Synthesizer CZ Series
  • CHANNEL MASTER Model 6348 Indash 8 Track/AM/FM Auto Radio Instruction manual (S)
  • CHILDS Model 1045A Preamp, schematic only
  • CHILDS 50W Power Amplifier, schematic only
  • COLLINS Pre-Fab FM Tuner Model FM-11-C Assembly Instructions (S)
  • CONRAD-JOHNSON PV-3 Preamp, schematic & parts list (2 scans)
  • DOKORDER Models 9050H/9060H Owners Reference Book
  • DUAL Model 1019 Auto/Professional Turntable, Owner's Manual (S)
  • DYNACO PAM-1 Preamp, schematic only
  • DYNACO PAS-3X Preamp, schematic only
  • DYNACO FM-5 Front End, schematic only
  • ENSONIQ MR/ZR Getting Started Guide.
  • FAIRCHILD Electonic Turntable 412-ED, schematic only
  • FISHER Model 440-T FM Stereo receiver (s/n 20001 - 29999), SCHEMATIC ONLY
  • FISHER Model 500-T, schematic only
  • FISHER Noise Suppressing Amp (model unknown), schematic only
  • FISHER X-202-B (Chassis Serial #50001-59999) Service Manual (S)
  • FISHER KX-200 Owner's Manual (no schematic) (S)
  • GAS Ampzilla Grandson, schematic only
  • GAS Ampzilla III, schematic only (2 scans)
  • GAS Ampzilla III, power supply schematic
  • GATES TE-3 FM Exciter Technical Manual
  • GE : Most often Needed Radio Diagrams, 1941 (various radio schematics w/ alignment info)
  • GE Television Service Manuals, circa 1952: original GE black looseleaf: S-21T1-B, S-20T2/-A, 20-T2/20C105/20C106/21C200, S-21T4, 20C150/20C151, 21T4/21T5, S-21T7-A, S-21T7, S-21T14-A, S-21C225-A, S-21T14, S-21C225, 21T7/21T8, S-24C101, S-24C101-A, 24C101, Model 801 schematic, & some technical bulletins
  • GROMMES Model 207A Preamp, schematic only
  • GROMMES Model 208 Preamp, schematic only
  • GROMMES Model 212 Preamp, schematic only
  • GROMMES Model 260A Preamp, schematic only
  • GROMMES G101 Power Amp, schematic only
  • HAFLER DH-100 Preamp, schematic & parts list
  • HAFLER DH-101 Preamp, schematic only
  • HAFLER DH-330 FM Tuner front end, schematic only
  • HARMON-KARDON Model 50+ AM/FM/Multichannel Rx Technical manual, (S)(photocopy)
  • HH SCOTT Model LK-72 Service Bulletin (S)
  • HOFFMAN'S Easy=Vision Television w/ Mark V Chassis, Owner's Info & Operating Instructions
  • Home Audio Systems, Schematics/Servicing Manual, Vol. 1: 1978 edition, covers Capehart & Zenith
  • Home Audio Systems, Schematics/Servicing Manual, Vol. 2: 1978 edition, covers Coronado/ChannelMaster/Hitachi
  • Home Audio Systems, Schematics/Servicing Manual, Vol. 3: 1978 Edition, covers Admiral/Automatic Radio/
  • Midland/Sharp
  • How It Works, Special Section of Rider's Manual Volume XI
  • How To Repair Solidstate Imports, TAB book, lots of schematics (1970)
  • INTERNATIONAL TAPETRONICS CORPORATION  Model 770 Series Reel-to-Reel Reproducer/25khz Detector Technical Manual
  • JAMPRO ANTENNAS JSCP-6 FM Antenna, 94.7mhz, Instruction manual
  • JANEIL BCR5000 Satellite Rx, SCJ-1 chassis (w/ SA5000) Service manual (S)
  • JEFFERSON 2A3 Amp schematic
  • JVC XL-V250BK CD Player Service manual & supplements (S)
  • JVC VCR Service manuals: HR-D83OU, HR-VP46U, HR-65U/HR-VP66U, HR-D54OU/D55OU(2), HR-D400U, HR-D41OU, HR-D44OU, HR-D61OU, HR-D515U(2), HR-D63OU, HR-D17OU, HR-D405OU, HR-D73OU/HR-D74OU(2), HR-D76OU, HR-D600U, HR-D57OU, HR-D82OU, HR-D180U, HR-D2370U, HR-D660U, HR-D830U, HR-D840U,HR-D750U, HR-D150U/HR-D151U, HR-D960U/HR-D970U, HR-D520U,
  • KENWOOD KRC-711 Cassette Receiver service manual (S)
  • KENWOOD KSR-1000 Stereo Satellite Rx Service manual (S)
  • KORG SDD-2000 Sampling Digital Delay, Owner's Manual
  • LAFAYETTE RK880 Solidstate 4 Track Stereo Tape Deck Op/Service manual (S)
  • LEAK RC/PA/U schematics (2 scans)
  • LOGICAL SYSTEMS Model 1081 Analyzer, schematic only
  • LOWTHER 26W LL26 Amp, schematic only
  • LUX Corp. Model SQ1220 Solidstate Integrated Amp Onwers Manual (S)   <<<Original & scan available
  • MAGNAVOX Radio Chassis, 50 Series, Maint. manual 1324, chassis 50-01 (S) 1957
  • MARANTZ Model 5 Power Amplifier, schematic only
  • MARANTZ Audio Consolette, schematic only
  • McINTOSH C-8 Preamp, schematic only
  • McINTOSH C-8 Preamp, revised schematic
  • McINTOSH C-22 Preamp, schematic only
  • McINTOSH D-8A Power Supply, schematic only
  • McINTOSH MC-30, schematic only
  • McINTOSH MC-60, schematic/parts list
  • McINTOSH MC-2505 Amp Owners Manual (S)
  • McINTOSH 50W-1 amp schematic
  • MEDALLION Model 65-505 8 Track Auto Tape Player (S)
  • NEC Gist of Frequency Change, FBN-7150E , 10kw VHF-FM Broadcast Transmitter
  • NEC Instruction for Assembly of FBN-7150E 10KW VHF-FM Transmitter
  • NEC Instruction Manual for Modification of FBN-7150E 10KW VHF-FM Transmitter
  • NEC Instruction Manual of FBN-7150E 10KW VHF-FM Transmitter
  • NEC Instruction Manual for FBN-7150E VHF-FM Transmitter - Circuit Diagrams
  • NEWCOMB 1500R Amp, schematic only
  • NORELCO Continental 201, Mdl. EL 3528/54A Service manual (S), Owners manual, Operating manual
  • OLD TAPE RECORDER Schematics:  these were scanned from an older servicing book: they are small, and
  • may or may not be helpful to persons doing repair:
      AMPEX 300 control circuit schematic
      RCA RT-11A control circuit schematic
      RCA RT-11A recording amplifier schematic
      RCA RT-11A reproducing amplifier schematic
      CONCERTONE Model 1401 schematic
      STANCIL-HOFFMAN Model R4 record/playback amp schematic
      STANCIL-HOFFMAN Model R4 power supply/monitor amp schematic
      STANCIL-HOFFMAN Model R4 preamp (AL3B) schematic
      MAGNECORD PT6-J amp schematic
      EKOTAPE Model 111 & 222 schematic
      MASCO dual speed/dual track tape recorder schematic
      SOUNDMIRROR (BRUSH) Model BK-411 amp schematic
      BELL Model RT-65 schematic
      BRUSH BK-443 schematic & component values
  • OPTIMUS Model STAV-3270/3170 Digital Synthesized Audio/Video Surround Rx Service manual (S)
  • PARAMETRIC P-94-SSR, schematic/story
  • PHILIPS AH7871 Stereo Rx Service manual (S)(photocopy - shematics hard to read)
  • PILOT   Model T-601 "Pilotuner", alignment/parts layout/(S) (S)
  • PIONEER CT-F1000 KC/KU/D/D-G/HG 3 Head Cassette Tape Deck SUPPLEMENTARY Service manual (sectional schematics only)
  • PIONEER CT-F2121 Cassette Tape Deck Operating Instructions (S)
  • PIONEER GM-4 Car Stereo Main Amplifier Service manual  (S)
  • PIONEER KEX-50 Car Stereo Cassette/AM/FM Deck, Service manual (S) (S)
  • PIONEER Sound Project Stereo Rx, Mdl 300, Operating Instructions
  • PIONEER SX-1980 AM/FM Stereo RX Service manual w/ supplement for HG/S/S~G models (S)
  • PIONEER SX-3700 Stereo Receiver Operating Instructions (S)
  • PIONEER VP-1000 Laser Disc Player Service manual (S)
  • QRK Model 12C Turntable Instruction Manual (S)
  • QRK Docs:
      * Instructions for Operation 3 Speed Transcription Turntables (S)
      * QRK-12/Custom Turntable Parts List (S)
      * 1976 Price Schedule
  • QUAD 11 Main Amplifier & Control Unit, schematic only
  • RADIO CRAFTSMAN, INC. Audio Amp C500 Operating/Service Instructions (S)(S)
  • RCA BROADCAST EQUIPMENT, RT-124 Kartwheel Cartridge Tape Machine MI-141852/141853/141856/141857 Service manual (S)
  • 1930 Edition of the RADIO NEWS "Radio Trouble Finder & Service Manual" contains the following schematics: Grimes d.c. "New Yorker", Western Electric 8-A Airplane RX, Victor Radio Models R-32 & RE-45, Colonial S-G #32 A.C., Atwater-Kent S-G #55, Stromberg-Carlson S-G #641, Stewart-Warner Series 950, Kolster Series K-21, Majestic #180, Silver #30 Screen-Grid, FADA #35-B, Bosch #48, Estes "Universal Meter".
  • RCA Professional Television Equipment Video Monitors Type PX-8C/PX-8N Instruction manual (S)
  • RCA Professional Television Equipment Lap Dissolve Amplifier Type TA-35, Instruction manual (S)
  • RCA Type BA-43 Program Amplifier, MI-11454 Instruction manual (S)
  • RCA Radiola 17, schematic only
  • RCA Receiver Alignment Technical Information supplement, 1937 #26
  • RCA/RCA VICTOR/VICTROLA Service Data Sheets: good quantity of 40's & 60's era original service datadata booklets; all contain schematics, too much to list, email your wants! Includes radios/phonographs/ combos/tabletops/handheld transistor models/etc!
      Transistor/Table Top Radios: RFA30W,RFG35, RFG45E, RFG12, RFG20 Series/RFG25 Series, RFC11, RFC15/19 Series &        
      RFS15 Series, RFB11V
  • RCA SV-1 Preamp, schematic only
  • RCA TV Service Data: "M" Series VHF/UHF Tuners
  • RCA TV Service Data: "M" Series B&W Chassis & Remote Alignment
  • REALISTIC CED-1 Video Disc Player Service manual (S)(photocopy - poor)
  • REALISTIC MPA-25 20W AC/Mobile PA Amp Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC MPA-40 35W PA Amp, Owners manual (S)
  • REALISTIC MPA-90 Solidstate PA Amp Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC STA-76 Solidstate AM/FM Stereo Receiver Owner's manual (S)
  • REALISTIC STA-111 Solidstate AM/FM Stereo Rx Owner's manual
  • REALISTIC STA-111 Solidstate AM/FM Stereo Rx Service manual (S)(photocopy - poor)
  • REALISTIC STA-111 Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo RX Service manual (S)(photocopy)
  • REALISTIC STA-790 Owner's manual (S)
  • REALSITIC STA-2270 Solidstate AM/FM Stereo Rx Service manual (S) (S)
  • REALISTIC STA-2290 SolidState AM/FM Stereo RX Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC Model System-320 3 Piece Audio Rack System Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC High Performance 170mhz Professional FM Wireless Mic System Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC Twelve Band Stereo Frequency Equalizer Owner's manual (S)(photocopy)
  • REVOX Stereo Tape Recorder, schematic only
  • ROLAND Midi Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer D-5 Owner's Manual (Play Volume)
  • SAM'S Tape Recorder Manuals; #13 (1965)
  • SAM'S Transistor Radio Manuals:  #37 (1964), #128 (1971)
  • SANYO Color Video Cassette Recorder Mdl VTC8200, Owners manual
  • SCHOBER Reverbatape Unit RV-1 Service Manual (1963, tube-type)(S) (S)
  • SCHOBER Autotuner AT-1 Assembly manual (pc board layout w/ parts list) (S)
  • SCOT AIR/GAUTHERS Model 6221 3-Band VHF Portable Transistor Radio Instruction manual (S)
  • SEARS Model 143.92530500 AM/FM Stereo receiver (S)
  • SEARS Model 5170 TV service manual
  • SEARS Radio Chassis #528.63315 & #528.63360 (SilverTone) alignment/schematic/etc.
  • Service Notes on Record Players, Automatic Changers, Wireless Units & Home Recorders, 1946
  • SHARP RT-442U Stereo Cassette Tape Recorder/Playback Deck Service Manual
  • SHERWOOD Model 7700 Stereo Receiver (s/n 73300 and up), SCHEMATIC ONLY
  • SHURE Model 560 Data Sheet (S)
  • SHURE Model SM58 Data Sheet (S)  (Original available)
  • SHURE Model M232/236 Tone Arm Data Sheet (S) (Originals available)
  • SONY BVE-5000 Operation manual
  • SONY BK-5022A-K2 ROM Kit Installation/Operation manual
  • SONY Mdl 600 Sterecorder Tape Deck Service manual (S)
  • SONY 711P System Portable Video Cassette Recorder Adjustment Manual (SL-2000)
  • SONY HVC-2000/2000E/2200 Electrical Alignment Supplement
  • SONY Model HVC-2200 Color Video Camera Service Manual (S) + correction sheet
  • SONY Model HVC-2200 Color Video Camera Supplement -1
  • SONY Microphone Mixer MX-12 Owner's Instruction manual (S)
  • SONY SL-2000 Portable Video Cassette Recorder Service Manual (S)
  • SONY SL-2000 Adjustment manual Correction -1
  • SONY SL-2000 Supplement -1
  • SONY STR-D2090/STR-D1090 Operating Instructions (S)
  • SONY TA-1010 Integrated Stereo Amp Service manual (S)
  • SONY TT-2000 (RMT-311) Tuner Timer Unit Service Manual (S)
  • SOUND TECHNOLOGY Model 1510A Tape Recorder/Audio Test System OPERATOR'S manual (S)
  • STANDARD SR-A201TU Solid State AM/FM MPX Preset Tuner, Op/Instruct.  (S)
  • STANDARD SR-A401AU Solid State Stereo Amp Op/Instruct (S)
  • STROMBERG-CARLSON Model SCP-1005 5 Input Mixer Pre-Amplifier (S)
  • SUPREME 1964 Master Index to "Most Often Needed" publications
  • TAPE-ATHON Model 900 Recorder/Reproducer, Operating/Maintenance Manual (S)(2)
  • TECHNICS SL-1600 (M/MC) Turntable Service manual, photocopy (S) (S)
  • Transformer-less 25W amp, schematic/text
  • TRIAD Power Amp circuits, schematics only
  • VIKING Model 86 Stereo-Compact Reel-To-Reel, Operation/Service Instructions (S)(S)
  • V-M (Vocie of Music) CORP . Model 1485 Stereo amplifier, SCHEMATIC ONLY
  • V-M (Voice of Music) CORP. Model 730 Tape Recorder Service manual w/ parts list (S)
  • WARDS AIRLINE Radio Service Manual, Model 439A (S)
  • WEGENER COMMUNICATIONS Model 1619-99 Subcarrier Demodulator for FM2 Systems, Instruction Manual
  • WEGENER COMMUNICATIONS Model DRIXX QPSK Subcarrier Receiver Instruction manual
  • WEGENER COMMUNICATIONS Model 1884-XX Relay Card for DR185/DR96Q Receivers w/ Optional Audio Switch & Margin Display, Instruction Manual
  • WEGENER COMMUNICATIONS Models 1606-21, -51, -52, -53 Satellite Block Conversion Receivers, Instruction Manual
  • WEGENER COMMUNICATIONS Models 1601 & 1651 Mainframes, Instruction manual
  • WILLAIMSON Power Amp, schematic
  • WOLLENSAK Mdl 6100 Operating Instructions
  • YAMAHA CD-2 power supply section, schematic only
  • YAMAHA DD-12 Digital Percussion, Owners guide (S)
  • YAMAHA K-2000 Stereo Cassette Deck Service manual (S)
  • YAMAHA Cassette Mechanism YCR-500/600/700/800/900 Parts List/Breakdown
  • YAMAHA YCT-800 Cassette Tuner Service manual (S)
  • YAMAHA YGE-600 CCSS Equalizer Service manual (S)
Visit Juerg Berner's Great "McIntosh Information Site"
Lots of great, free McIntosh info, schematics, literature, equipment photos, etc
hosted by a true McIntosh Lover!!

Vintage Audio/Electronics Catalogs & Documentation

  • AKG Model D200E Microphone data sheet
  • Audio Records magazine: Dec '51, Nov/Dec '54, Jan/Feb '55, June/July '55, Jan/Feb '56, Mar/April '56
  • BRUSH Magnetic Recording Components Catalog w/ a load of brochures, 1950/60s? (2)
  • BRUSH Development Co. Industrial  & Research Instruments Catalog, 1950
  • The Hushatone by BRU SH ; advertisement for "under-pillow" personal speaker, 1946
  • GENERAL IDUSTRIES Co. 1949 Catalog; phono/recording motors, record changer-recorders, assemblies, etc. (2)
  • JBL Lancer 99, Athena S99/SC99 Owners manual
  • LINDBERG Instrument Co.; phono pickup brochure
  • LYRIC Sound Equipment by RAULAND, 1948 Product Brochure
  • MAGNECORDING 1949 catalog, magnetic recorders/accessories
  •      Record & Erase Heads Specs & Cross Reference (S)
         Engineering Bulletin: Transistorized recording amplifier  (S)
         Engineering Bulletin: Head Wear, Alignment & Care (S)
         Engineering Bulletin: TheVacuum Tube Playback Preamplifier (S)
         Engineering Bulletin: Transistorized Playback Preamplifier (S)
         4 Track Stereo Conversion Kits  (S)
         Tape Recording Accessories (S)
         General Info: Bias & Erase Transformers for Transistor/ Vacuum Tube Circuit Use (S)
  • OXFORD Speakers; 1951 catalog w/ dimensional data for building enclosures
  • PENTRON "Astra-Sonic" Tape Recorder Operating Instructions, Model T549; 1940/50s
  • PENTRON "Astra-Sonic" Accessories Brochure (2)
  • PENTRON Magnetic Recorders Brochure
  • RACON Electric Co.; speakers/horns/trumpets accessories 1947?
  • SORENSEN Regulators & Nobatrons Catalog, 1947
  • SYLVANIA POLYMETER Type 134 brochure
  • SYLVANIA Oscilloscope Type 131 brochure
  • SYLVANIA Tube Testers brochure
  • TANDBERG Reel-To-Reel color catalog, 1965
  • TRAV-LER TV Models 20A50/64R50-1/-2, 75A50-1/-2  (S)
  • UTAH Speakers; Huntington, In., 1940/50s
  • WEBSTER-CHICAGO brochures: Model 80 wire recorder, crystal cartridges cross reference & listing, price bulletin on record changers (1947)
  • WEBSTER-RAULAND Industrial/Office Communications Equipment Catalog, 1941!
  • AMERICAN MOTORS Rambler, 1956, MOTOROLA Model 8990377; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf) (S)
  • AUDIOVOX   8 Track/AM/FM MPX Auto Radio Owners Guide (S) (S)
  • AUTOMATIC RADIO AM-FM All Transistor Custom Push-Button Radio, 1962, Owner's Guide (S) (S)
  • BECKER ; unknown, partials?, in German (looseleaf)
  • BECKER Models Europa MU/MUK; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf) (S)
  • BENDIX Radio 1962 Sapphire I Automotive transistor radio Service manual (S), mdls R2BV/R2BT/R2BG
  • BENDIX Radio 1963 Sapphire I Automotive transistor radio Service manual (S), mdls 3TBV/3TBVT/3TBVG
  • BLAUPUNKT V2/31 Series E; alignment/schematic/board layout; german-english (Frankfurt TR de Luxe 31471)(looseleaf)
  • BUICK , 1956, Q Model 981708; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • BUICK, 1959, DELCO Model 981969; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • CADILLAC, 1959, DELCO Model 7272505; alignment/parts list/schematic (loosleaf)
  • CHEVROLET, 1959, DELCO Model 987891; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • CHEVROLET , 1951, Chevrolet Model 986516; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • DESOTO S15: MOPAR Radio Model 814 Custom Built for DeSoto S15: 7 Tubes + Rectifier, Electric Push Button tuning; ORIGINAL CHRYSLER Booklet "Owner's Manual & Instructions for Installing", includes schematics/installation/operation, etc!  This is the original Owner's manual for this radio installed in the factory DeSoto!!  (Motorola [?]  p/n 54P501547-D-MW) (S)
  • FIRESTONE Model 4-B-57; alignment/parts list/schematic )(looseleaf)
  • FORD Console Range Auto Radio Installation/Operation Instructions, ORIGINAL; w/ push button tuning, this is FAD-18805-C; includes schematic; this is the original Owner's manual for this radio installed in Ford factory cars of the era.  (Motorola [?[ p/n 68P521522-A-RR) (S)
  • FORD Model 8072; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • FORD FALCON 1960-1962 Radio Schematics, Models 04MD ( MOTOROLA ) & 12BD/22BD (BENDIX ); out of the factory service manual, includes photo/tube placement, NO PARTS LIST (components ID'ed on schematic). (S)
  • KAISER-FRAZIER Model 100205; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • LINCOLN , Bendix Model 85BH; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • LINCOLN-MERCURY , Lincoln Models 8ML882 & 8ML882Z; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, Dodge & DeSOTO, MOTOROLA Model 845 & 846; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR: PHILCO Model 924HR; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR: BENDIX Models 322/323/324; (loosleaf)
  • MOPAR, Plymouth & Dodge Dart, BENDIX Model 812/813/815/816/817; alignment/parts list/shematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, PHILCO Model 812/813/815/816/817; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, MOTOROLA Model 620/621; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, 1959, PHILCO Model 858; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, 1959 DeSoto, MOTOROLA Model 927; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, 1953 Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler, PHILCO Models 819/820/824; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, 1958 Dodge Trucks, PHILCO Model 700 (TAR-58); alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOPAR, 1953 Dodge, MOTOROL A Model 609; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOTOROLA Model 600; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOTOROLA Model 700; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOTOROLA Model NH1C; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOTOROLA Models BKA9X & CTA9X; 1959 Buick/Chevrolet; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • MOTOROLA Models 300X & 301X; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • OLDSMOBILE, 1956, DELCO Model 983336; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • OLDSMOBILE, Models 982699 & 982700; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • PHILCO , Model CR-9; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • PONTIAC, 1956, DELCO Model 988569; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • RIVERSIDE, 1962 Chevrolet, MONTGOMERY WARDS Model FJB-6612; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • SAMS Photofact Auto Radio Manuals: contains alignment/schematics/parts lists/board layouts -#9 (1958-9), #13 (1959-60), #14 (1960-61), #19 (1962-63), #20 (1963), #30 (1964-65), #35 (1965-66), #36 (1966)#37 (1966), #43 (1967), #54 (1967-68), #56 (1968), #60 (1968-69), #74 (1969-70), #101 (1970-71), #104 (1971), #171 (1974) ORIGINAL FOR SALE ONLY, NO COPIES!
  • STROMBERG-CARLSON Model C.A.R. 7; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • TRUETONE , Western Auto Supply Models D4623A & D4624A; alignment/parts list/schematic (looseleaf)
  • Auto Radio Service Guide: Audiovox CAS-300, ID-600A, Automatic MDD-2560, Chrysler (Mitsubishi) Plymouth Arrow AR-1770CE, Clarion PE-703A/B/C, Craig T600, Kraco KS-699, Midland 67-440, Mitsubishi  AR-2774SE, AR-2774SU/SUB,
  •  Motorola 3F4TEC7, Panasonic CQ-2289EU;  alignment/parts list/schematic
  • ZENITH Adust-O-Matic Auto Radio, 1947: Service manual for Model 6MM790 (Mercury p/n 59A-18805-A1), Model 6MM790-E (Mercury Export p/n 59AF-18805), Model 6MF780 (Ford p/n 51A-18805-A1) & Model 6MF780-E (Ford Export p/n 51AF-18805); includes schematic/alignment/parts list/installation/etc.  ORIGINAL! (S)
A/V Books
  • How to Design & Build Audio Amplifiers Including Digital Circuits, 2nd Edition, by Horowitz  $15.00
  • Compact Disc Player, Maintenance & Repair by McComb/Cook; 1987 TAB book                         $ 7.00
  • FM Stereo Multiplexing by Crowhurst; RIDER pub. softcover, 1961 65p                                          $ 2.00
  • Audio Control Handbook for Radio/TV Broadcasting by Oringel; 1973 200p softcover                  $ 8.00
  • VIDEOTEXT: The Coming Revolution in Home/Office Information Retrieval by Sigel, 1980      $ 5.00
  • The Video Primer by Robinson; 1983 softcover (AVBKS1)
  • Digital Image Processing by Castleman  (ELEC1)
  • Repairing Home Audio Systems by Ecklund; damaged but OK
  • Home Audio Systems: Schematic/Servicing Manual, Vol 2 (Coronado/Channel Master/Hitachi)  $10.00
  • How To Troubleshoot & Repair Your Stereo System by Gardner; 1979 softcover, 230p, w/ detailed repair  info  (2)(ELEC1)
  • How to Fix Your Own TV, Radio & Record Player, Including Hi-Fi Equipment & Recorders, by Popular  Science, 1954    $ 4.00
  • Troubleshooting & Repairing VCRs by McComb  (AVBKS1)
  • The Home Satellite TV Installation & Troubleshooting Manual by Baylin/Gale (AVBKS1)
  • Repairing Transistor Radios by Libes (reference - O)
  • Servicing Transistor Radios by D'Airo (reference - O)
  • 101 Ways to Use Your Hi-Fi Test Equipment by Middleton (reference - O)
  • Photo Guide to AM/FM Stereo Repair by Davidson (reference - O)
  • Handbook of Multi-Channel Recording by Everest; 325p 1975 TAB book, loaded w/ info/pix          $ 4.00.
  • Building Speaker Enclosures by Weems; 190p softcover                                                                       $ 4.00
  • Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual w/ Projects by Weems, softcover, 250p                                    $ 6.00
  • Designing & Building Your Own Stereo Furniture/30 Projects to Improve Your Stereo System,  TAB book, 1981 hb, 383p      $ 8.00
  • Digital Magnetic Tape Recording: Principles & Computer Applications, 1965 hb                            $ 4.00
  • Fundamentals of Magnetic Recording by Audio Devices, Inc; small format, 46p,1951                      $ 5.00
  • Introduction to Professional Recording Techniques by Bartlett; home/studio/on location, Sam's book, 400p  softcover, 1987    $ 8.00


Original VOX factory docs - photocopies or scans of my originals only

  • Ace V-2-5 (V205) Replacement parts list only
  • Bassmaster V-2-4 (V204) Replacement parts list only
  • Beatle V1143*G  tuning the guitar, alignment, parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Berkeley II V1081 parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial (S)
  • Berkeley III V1083*6  alignment, tuning the guitar, schematic, board layout, pictorial (S)
  • Bobcat V219 Replacement parts list only
  • Booster Amp V836  schematic, pictorial
  • Buckingham V1121  parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Buckingham V1123*6  alignment, tuning the guitar, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Bulldog V241 Replacement parts list only
  • Challenger V215 Replacement parts list only
  • Churchill P.A. Amplifier V119  parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Clubman V-2-3 (V203) Replacement parts list only
  • Clubman Bass V-2-2 (V202) Replacement parts list only
  • Consort V-2-12 (V212) Replacement parts list only
  • Cougar Bass V214 Replacement parts list only
  • Country Western V238 Replacement parts list only
  • Escort Bass V216 Replacement parts list only
  • Essex Bass V1042 schematic, pictorial
  • Folk Twelve V239 Replacement parts list only
  • Folk Twelve Electro V240 Replacement parts list only
  • Grenadier III & V Replacement parts list only
  • Grenadier X V109-V1091 Replacement parts list only
  • Grenadier XII V121 Replacement parts list only
  • Harlem V244 Replacement parts list only
  • High Frequency Horn V-826 Service Info Bulletin w/ parts list
  • Hurricane V234 Replacement parts list only
  • Jaguar Organ V304E2  parts list, schematic
  • Jumbo Medium V217 Replacement parts list only
  • Lynx V-2-13 (V213) Replacement parts list only
  • Mark IV Bass V224 Replacement parts list only
  • Mark VI V222 Replacement parts list only
  • Mark VI V252 Acoustic Replacement parts list only
  • Mark VII V223 Replacement parts list only
  • Mark IX V231 Replacement parts list only
  • Meteor V233 Replacement parts list only
  • New Orleans V245 Replacement parts list only
  • Panther Bass V236 Replacement parts list only
  • Phantom IV V-2-10 (V210) Replacement parts list only
  • Phantom VI V-2-9  (V209) Replacement parts list only
  • Phantom XII V221 Replacement parts list only
  • Royal Guardsman (V1133*6) tuning the guitar, parts list, schematic, pictorial
  • Scorpion (V116)  parts list, schematic, pictorial, tuning the guitar
  • Serenader V220 replacement parts list only
  • Series Ninety Model V130  parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Series Ninety Model V131  parts list, schematic, pictorial
  • Series Ninety V132  parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Series Ninety V133  parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Shadow V-2-8 (V208) Replacement parts list only
  • Soundcaster V-2-11 (V211) Replacement parts list only
  • Sovereign Bass (V117) parts list, schematic, pictorial
  • Spitfire V235 Replacement parts list only
  • Stroller V-2-1 (V201) Replacement parts list only
  • Student Prince V229 Replacement parts list only
  • Super Ace V-2-6 (V206) Replacement parts list only
  • Super Beatle V1141  parts list, schematic, board layout, pictorial
  • Super Lynx V243 Replacement parts list only
  • Super Lynx Deluxe V253 Replacement parts list only
  • Super Meteor V242 Replacement parts list only
  • Tempest XII V230 Replacement parts list only
  • Tornado V247 Replacement parts list only
  • Typhoon V255 Replacement parts list only
  • Violin Bass Acoustic Replacement parts list only
  • Violin Bass V232 Replacement parts list only
  • Viscount (V1154)  pictorial, schematic, tuning the guitar, etc
  • Viscount (V1151)  parts list, schematic, board layout
  • Wildcat V254 Replacement parts list only
  • Winston Speaker (V419) pictorial w/ schematic
  • Wyman Bass V248 Replacement parts list only
  • Drums V9014/V9024/V9034 parts list w/ mechanical breakdown, includes pedal assemblies
  • Apollo IV V271 guitar
  • Aristrocrat V288 guitar
  • Bossman V265  guitar
  • Constellation IV V274 guitar
  • Delta IV  V264 guitar
  • Delta V261 guitar
  • Grand Prix V286 guitar
  • Grenadier XII V1211 speakers: single page
  • Hawk IV V263 guitar
  • Invader V262 guitar
  • Rio Grande V278 guitar
  • Saturn IV V281 guitar
  • Saturn V 287 guitar
  • Shenandoah V279 guitar
  • Sidewinder IV V272 guitar
  • Silver Sage V280 guitar
  • Skybolt IV V282 guitar
  • Spyder IV V283 guitar
  • Starstream XII  V270 guitar
  • Stinger IV V284 guitar
  • Thunderjet V260 guitar
  • Viper V289 guitar
  • Voxton Model X201/202/203/205/207/209/212/214 Replacement parts lists

CB Manuals & CB Radios for Sale
  • ARF 2001 Service manual (S)
  • COBRA 29 Instruction manual
  • COBRA 139XLR Schematic/Partlist sheet
  • COBRA 21XLR Schematic/Partslist sheet
  • COBRA 90LTD Base Station Instruction manual (S)
  • COBRA 140GTL/142GTL Mobile, Service manual (S)
  • COBRA 148GTL Mobile, Service manual (S)
  • COBRA 2000GTL Service manual (S)
  • COMMANDER (TRIPPE Electronics) Mdl 750 Installation/Operation/Maint. (S)
  • COMMANDER (TRIPPE Electronics) Mdl 777 Installation/Operation/Maint. (S)
  • COURIER TRAVELLER Instruction manual (S)
  • COURIER TRAVELLER II Instruction manual (S)
  • DIGISCAN DS-400 (Digalog Technology, Inc) Owner's manual  (S) w/ Addendum
  • ECI COURIER CLASSIC Instruction manual (S)
  • ECI COURIER TR5 Instruction manual (S)
  • GC Electronics RF Multi-Meter, Owner's manual (S)
  • GONSET CITIZEN'S COMMUNICATOR Mdl G-12 Instruction manual (S)
  • HALLICRAFTERS CB-10 Op/Service manual (S)
  • HEATHKIT Models GW-11A/GWW-11A/GWW-11D alignment/schematic/parts list/etc (Sam's)
  • HY-GAIN Mdl 623A SSB/AM 69ch, Operator's manual (S)
  • HY-GAIN I/II/III, Mdls 2681/2682/2683 mobiles, Instruction (S)
  • HY-GAIN II Mdl 2682 Instruction (S)
  • HY-GAIN HY-RANGE II, Mdl 671B-PR Owner's manual (S)
  • JSL Mdl JSL-4070 40ch, Instruction (S)
  • JOHNSON Messenger 323/323-M: Service Manual (S) & Owner's Manual   (S)
  • JOHNSON 132, Schematic (S) (S)
  • KAAR Mdl TR327A Installation/Maint. (S)
  • KNIGHT-KIT TEN-2 CB Checker Operator's (S) & Assembly
  • KNIGHT-KIT C-100 Handheld, Assembly manual (S)
  • KNIGHT-KIT KN-2585 Operation/Installation manual (S)
  • KNIGHT KIT KN-2585,  photocopy (S)
  • LAFAYETTE Telsat Model 23  (S - large)
  • LAFAYETTE Comstat 25A Xcvr, Install/Op (S)
  • LAFAYETTE Comstat 25B Xcvr, Install/Op (S) (S)
  • LAFAYETTE Dyna-Com 23 Walkie-Talkie Installation & Operation (S)(2)
  • LAFAYETTE HB-23 Mobile CB  (S)
  • LAFAYETTE HB-512 Solid State Power Supply (S)
  • LAFAYETTE Model HB-625 Solidstate mobile xcvr Install/Op (2)
  • LAFAYETTE MICRO-23 Installation & Operation (S)
  • LAFAYETTE TELSAT Mdl SSB-75,  (photocopy) (S)
  • LAFAYETTE TELSAT 925 Owner's manual (S)
  • LANCER - 23 (S)
  • La SALLE  Models LA101 & LA101-A  Schematic/Parts List/Alignment  
  • MACO 3 Element Beam Assembly
  • MAXON 40 Instruction manual (S)
  • MIDLAND 77-106 Owner's Manual (S) (S)
  • MIDLAND 77-118 Owner's manual (S)
  • MIDLAND 77-250 Service manual (S) (S)
  • PACE 2300C Owner's manual/warranty card/etc
  • REALISTIC TRC-29 Instruction manual (S)
  • REALISTIC TRC-48 Owner's manual, (S)
  • REALISTIC TRC-207 Owner's manual
  • REALISTIC TRC-215 Owner's manual (S)
  • REALSITIC TRC-216 Handheld Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC TRC-217 5W Handheld Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC TRC-225 Handheld Service manual (S)
  • REALISTIC TRC-415 Owners manual (S)
  • REALISTIC TRC-485 Service manual (S)
  • REGENCY CR-185 Instruction manual (S)
  • ROYCE Model 611 Owners manual (S)
  • ROYCE Model 1-590A Owner's manual (S)
  • SAM'S PHOTOFACT CB RADIO SERIES: book style: CB-5 (1964) CB-8 (1965) CB11 (1966) CB-115 (1977) CB-127 (1972) ORIGINAL FOR SALE ONLY, NO COPIES!!
  • SAM'S CB Radio Manual, Vol. 1 (1961) covers 46 models: schematics/alignment/layout (S) ORIGINAL FOR SALE ONLY, NO COPIES!!
  • SAM'S CB Radio Manual, Vol. 2 (1964) covers 30 models: schematics/alignment/layout (S) ORIGINAL FOR SALE ONLY, NO COPIES!!
  • SAM'S CB Radio Manual, Vol. 3 (1963) covers 34 models: schematics/alignment/layout (S) ORIGINAL FOR SALE ONLY, NO COPIES!!
  • SBE : all originals; typically every manual (owner's & service) have schematic & parts list.
    Owner's : Aspen Model (SBE-41CB), Cascade III (SBE-15CB), Catalina II (SBE-22CB), Catalina III (SBE-29CB), 
    Cortez (SBE-21CB), Cortez 40 (SBE-42CB), Stowaway (SBE-47CB), Trinadad (SBE-30CB), Console V
    (SBE-40CB),  Coronado II (SBE-10CB), Formula D (SBE-26CB), Formula Touch/Com (SBE-32CB), Key/Com 1000, Sidebander, Sidebander II (SBE-12CB), Sidebander V (SBE-39CB), Trinidad III (SBE-45CB), Malibu 40 (SBE-44CB), Tahoe 40 (SBE-49CB),  Brute (SBE-34CB), Sidebander III (SBE-18CB), Coronado,

    Service : Brute (SBE-34CB), Formula D touch/com (SBE-32CB), Shasta I (SBE-31CB), Shasta II & III (SBE-24CB/25CB), Triniadad (SBE-11CB), Sidebander II (SBE-12CB),
  • SBE CAPRI Instruction manual (S)
  • SBE CORONADO Owner's manual (S)
  • UNIDEN PRO510XL Owner's manual (2)
  • UNIDEN PRO520XL Owner's manual
  • UNIVERSAL STAR-COM 7 Owner's manual (S)
COBRA 29LTD: parts unit: complete front panel, case half w/ speaker, case & main board
JOHNSON MESSENGER 130A: this is the early CB that looks like a mobile phone; fairly unique!

E. F. Johnson Commercial Radio Manuals
I have a large amount of E.F. Johnson commercial radio service manuals, but am not going to
list individually; if you need an EFJ manual please email.
  • 1200 Series Repeater, UHF 450 - 512mhz, p/n 242-1200-xxx, 2 - 15W (S)
  • UHF 4553 Repeater & Tone Remote control service information manual (S)(2)
  • Call-Guards, Ferritronics/National/Reedless, Installation/Service, May '78 (S)
  • Call-Guard, Reedless, D Model, p/n 250-0713-xxx, Installation/Service (S)(5)
  • Community Repeater 949, UHF 450 - 512mhz, p/n 842-0949-172, Service (S)(3)
  • Community Repeater 1800 Service Information Manual, May '78 (S)
  • Community Repeater 1890 Service Information Manual Addition, Oct. '73 (S)
  • Fleetcom II Discrete Call Guard Service Information (S)
  • Xmtr Off/Delay & Reverse Burst Call-Guard Installation Instructions (S)
  • EF JOHNSON Scanning Monitor receivers Interim Service Instructions (S)

Fluke Test Equipment
  • 77/75/73/70/23/21  Series II Multimeter, owner's manual
  • 79/29    Series II Multimeter, owner's manual
  • 80i-kW   Current Power Probe, Instruction  (6)
  • 412B    High Voltage DC Power Supply, Instruction (S)
  • 413C/D  Power Supply, Instruction (S)
  • 415B   High Voltage Power Supply, Instruction (S)
  • 430A   Power Supply, Instruction (S)
  • 801      Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 801B   Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 801R  Potentiometric DC Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 803B     AC/DC Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)(6)
  • 803/803R  DC/AC Differential Voltmeter, Temporary Instruction (S)
  • 803B/AF  DC Differential Voltmeter, NAVSHIPS 0969-018-8000
  • D804     Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 821A     Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 823A/AR  AC/DC Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 853A     Differential Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 871A      DC Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 883AB/887AB  Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 885A/885AB  DC Differential Voltmeter (S)
  • 887AB/AN  AC/DC Differential Voltmeter (S)
  • 891A/AR  DC Differential Voltmeter, Preliminary Instruction (S)
  • 892XA -521/-529  DMM Interface Option, Instruction (S)(3)
  • 893A/AR  AC-DC Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 896A     DC Differential Voltmete, NAVSHIPS 0969-254-1010  (S)
  • 910A     RMS Voltmeter, Preliminary Instruction (S)
  • 910A     Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 910AR  Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 931B     RMS Differential Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 1920A   Frequency Counter, Instruction (S)
  • 1941A   Digital Counter, Instruction (S)
  • 1950A   Digital Counter, Instruction (S)
  • 4275A   Binary Programmable Power Supply, Instruction (S)(2)
  • 5200A   AC Calibrator, Preliminary Instruction (S)
  • 6010A   Synthesized Signal Generator, Instruction (S)
  • 6011A   Synthesized Signal Generator, Instruction (S)
  • 72XXA-529  IEEE-488 Interface Instruction manual (S)
  • 8000      Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8000A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)(2)
  • 8010A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8020A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)(4)
  • 8020A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction, small manual (S)(2)
  • 8020B   Digital Multimeter, Instruction, small manual (S)(2)
  • 8021B   Digital Multimeter, Instruction, small manual (S)
  • 8022A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction, small manual (S)
  • 8024A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8024B   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)(2)
  • 8030A   Digital Multimeter, Maintenance (S)(2)
  • 8040A   Digital Multimeter, Maintenance (S)(5)
  • 8050A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)(2)
  • 8060A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction, small manual (S)(3)
  • 8062A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction, small manual (S)
  • 8100A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)(3)
  • 8100B   Digital Multimeter, Instruction Addendum, (S)
  • 8120A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8125A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction Addendum (S)
  • 8200A   Digital Voltmeter, Instruction (S)(2)
  • 8300      Digital Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8300A   Digital Voltmeter, Instruction (S)(2)
  • 8350A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8400A   Digital Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8500A   Digital Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8500A   Digital Voltmeter, Operators
  • 8522A   Digital Multimeter, Calibration
  • 8600A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)(2)
  • 8600A  (student handout)  (S)
  • 8810A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)(4)
  • 8840A   Digital Multimeter, Instruction (S)
  • 8840A/AF Digital Multimeter, Instruction w/ revision package (S)
  • 8920A/8921A  True RMS Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • 9500A   RMS Digital Voltmeter, Instruction (S)
  • PM3082/3084/3092/3094  Analog Oscilloscope Reference manual
  • PM3082/3084/3092/3094  Analog Oscilloscope User's manual
  • Service Manual binder:    102/301E/351A/405/406/407/408A/410A/412A/710A/800/801/ 801B/801H/803/803B/825A/910A  (S)
  • Digital Service Seminar:  R2/8100/8200/8300/8400

GE Commercial Radio Manuals

      MASTR Progress Line

  • Transmitter, UHF ET59D/ET60D, LBI-3998
  • Transmitter, VHF-Lo, ER39, LBI-4123F
  • Base Station Repeater Control Panel, KC19A, LBI-3853F (3)
  • Shared Repeater Panel, LBI-3699D
  • Station Test Metering Panel & Xmitter/RXer Top Covers, LBI-3753A
  • Power Supply, 12V, 70/90/100W, EP37A, LBI-3504K
  • Power Supply, 12V, 30W, EP-37B, LBI-3503A
  • Xmtr/Rx p.s. & line amplifier, LBI-4323A
  • Xmtr/Rx p.s. & line amplifier, LBI-4323F
  • Xmtr/rx p.s., LBI-3529H
  • Base Station Control Shelf, LBI-4490C
  • Transmitter, UHF, 35/70W, ET59C/ET60C, LBI-3846
  • Xmtr/RXer Power Supply, EP38A, LBI-3529F
  • Xmtr/RXer Power Supply, EP38A, LBI-3529J (2)
  • Transmitter, VHF-Hi, 80W, ET58A/B, LBI-3868D
  • Receiver, VHF-Hi, ER41A, LBI-3502C
  • Receiver, VHF-Hi, ER41C/E, LBI-3867E
  • Receiver, VHF-Hi, Models 4ER41A10-15, LBI-3502C
  • Remote Control Panel, 4KC16A12, LBI-4155
  • Channel Guard, Options K31/32/33/35/36/37/38/41/42/43/44), Maintenance, LBI-41538A
  • Deskmate Station Local/Remote, Maintenance (no options), LBI-3601E (2)
  • Type 90 tone encoder/decoder, encoder & decoder LBI-30278
  • Mobile, UHF, 35/70W, Maintenance, LBI-3640B, consists of
  •               Receiver, UHF, ER-42A&C, LBI-3847A
                  12V, 60/80/100W Power Supply EP-37A, LBI-3504D
                  Mobile Control Unit (Control Head), EC-59A, LBI-3511E
                  Transmitter, UHF, 35/60W, ET59D/ET60D, LBI-3778B
  • Mobile, UHF, 35/70W, Maintenance, LBI-3640D, consists of:
  •               Mobile Control Unit (Control Head), EC-59A, LBI-3511E
                  12V, 60/80/100W Power Supply EP-37A, LBI-3504K
                  Receiver, UHF, ER-42E & G, LBI-3999H
  • Mobile, VHF-Lo, 60W, 6/12V combos (FA16/FE16/MA16/ME16), Maintenance, LBI-3002B
  • Mobile, VHF-Lo, 12V combos (FT13/FT16/FT17/MT13/MT16/MT17), transistor powered, EBI-41720B
  • Station, VHF-Lo, 60/100W, combos (DO16/DO17/PO16/PO17/VO16/VO17), Maintenance, EBI-41352G
  • Mobile Control Units, EC-59A, Maintenance, LBI-3937B
  • Mobile Control Units, EC-59A, Maint., LBI3505J
  • MASTR Progress Line Executive Series, Desktop Station, Maintenance, LBI9360, w/
  •               Type 90 Tone Decoder, EJ15A, Maintenance, LBI-3684D
                  Type 90 Tone Encoder, EH14A, Maintenance, LBI-3687C
                  Type 90 Tone Encoder, EH15A, Maintenance, LBI-3660D
  • MASTR Progress Line Executive Series: 7 Channel Radio Common Carrier (RCC) Mobile Comb., VHF-Hi
  • Maintenance, LBI-4332
  • MASTR Progress Line Executive Series, Mobile, VHF-Lo, Maintenance, LBI-3748C
  • MASTR Progress Line Executive/Royal Series Channel Guard, Encoder/Decoder/Tone Reject Filter, Maint.,
  • LBI-4143C
  • MASTR Progress Line Royal Executive, VHF-Hi, Mobile, Maintenance, LBI-4333 (2)
  • MASTR Progress Line Royal Executive, VHF-Hi, Mobile, Maintenance, LBI-4333A
  • MASTR Progress Line Royal Executive, VHF-Hi Mobile, Maint., LBI-4333D
  • MASTR Progress Line Professional Series, UHF 35/70W, Maint., LBI3640C
  • MASTR Progress Line, Professional Series, VHF-Hi, Mobiles, Maint., LBI9368B
  •              Professional Series VHF-Hi Mobiles, 30/80W, Maint., LBI3500D
                 VHF-Hi, 80W Xmtr, ET58D, Maint., LBI4068A
                 12V, 60/80/10W Power Supply EP37A, Maint., LBI3504G
                 Channel Guard Encoder, EH15A, Maint., LBI3660E
                 Type 90 Tone Encoder, EH14A, Maint., LBI3687D
  • MASTR Progress Line, Professional Series, VHF-Lo Mobiles, Maintenance, LBI-3627C, consists of:
  •             12V, 60/80/100W Power Supply, Maintenance, LBI-3504C
                Control Unit, EC59A, Maintenance, LBI-3505C
                Receiver, ER39C,  VHF-Lo w/ Noise Blanker, Maintenance, LBI-3925
                Transmitter ET55A&B (narrow & wide band), VHF-Lo, 100W, Maintenance, LBI-3927
      MASTR Progress Line, Personal Series
  • Transmitter, VHF-Hi, 1 - 5W, KT106A/KT107A, LBI-4528
  • Transmitter, UHF, 4W, KT104A/KT105A/KT110A/KT111A, Maintenance, LBI-4075
  • MPE Model, Systems Board & Casse Assembly, Maint., LBI31237A
  • MPE Model, Systems Board & Case Assembly, Maint., LBI31238A
  • MPE Model, Systems Board & Case Assembly, Maint., LBI31239A
  • MPE Model, Systems Board & Case Assembly, Maint., LBI31240A
  • PR Model, VHF-Hi, LBI-4287A
  • PE Model, VHF-Hi, Maint., LBI-4230B
  • PE Model, VHF-Hi, 8 Frequency, Maint., LBI-4366A
  • PE 3 Hour Desk Chargers, Maint., LBI4957D
  • PE 5 Frequency (w/ type 99 decoders) local/remote, VHF-Lo/VHF-Hi/UHF
  • PE Model, VHF-Lo & VHF-Hi, 2 Frequency, Maint., LBI-4575D
  •               PE/PY Models, VHF-Hi, 5W Xmtr, KT106A/KT107A, Maint., LBI4528E
                  PE/PortaMobile II RX, VHF-Hi, ER59C, LBI30000C
                  PE Model, Systems Board & Case Assembly, Maint., LBI4666E
                  Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder, Maint., LBI4870E
  • 8 Frequency PE Model, VHF-Lo & VHF-Hi, Maint., LBI-4640D; w/
  •               PE Model, RX UHF, ER60B, Maint., LBI4639E
                  PE Model, Xmtr UHF, ET98A/KT22A, Maint., LBI4637B
                  PE Model, Systems Board & Case Assembly, Maint., LBI4643E
                  Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder for PE/PY/PortaMobile II, Maint., LBI4870D
  • 8 Frequency PE model, VHF-Lo & VHF-Hi, Maintenance, LBI-4640D; consists of:
  •               PE Model, UHF, Xmtry, 4W, KT104A/KT105A/KT110A/KT111A, Maintenance, LBI-4918B
                  PE Model, UHF, RX, ER60B, Maintenance, LBI-4639F
                  PE Model, Systems Board & Case Assembly, Maintenance, LBI-4643G
                  Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder PE/PY/Porta Mobile II Model, Maintenance, LBI-4870F
                  PE GE-STAR Encoder, Maintenance, LBI-30813
  • 8 Freq uency PE Model, VHF-Lo & VHF-Hi, Maintenance, LBI-4640E
  •               PE Model, UHF, 4W Xmtr, KT104A/KT105A/KT110A/KT111A, Maintenance, LBI-4918B
                  PE Model, UHF, ER60B, Maintenance, LBI-4639F
                  PE Model, System Board & Case assembly, Maint., LBI-4643G
                  Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder for PE/PY/PortaMobile II, Maint., LBI-4870F
                  PE Model, Search Lock Monitor w/ & w/out Channel Guard, Maint., LBI-4721E
                  PE Model, Carrier Control timer, Maint., LBI-4950C
                  PE Vehicular Chargers, Maint., LBI-30040F
                  POWR MASTR, UHF 40W Vehicular Power Amp, KT184A, Maint., LBI30837
                  PE 3 Hour Rack Chargers, Maint., LBI30013F
  • 8 Frequency PE model, VHF-Lo & VHF-Hi, Local/Remote: consists of:
  •               PE/PY Models Transmitter, VHF-Hi,  5W, KT106A/KT107A, Maintenance, LBI4528H (2)
                  PE Models Receiver, VHF-Hi, ER59D, Maintenance, LBI30035D
                  PE Models, System Board & Case Assembly VHF-Hi, Maintenance, LBI4662F
                  PE/PY/Porta Mobile II Models Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder, Maintenance, LBI4870G
                  PE Vehicular Chargers, Maintenance, LBI-30040G
                  PE Desktop Chargers, Maintenance, LBI4952C
      MASTR II
  • MASTR II Station Combination, 806 - 870mhz 35W, LBI-30951A; consists of:
  •          LBI-130951A - description/maintenance
             LBI-30855: 851-870mhz exciter & PA
             LBI-30464B: 806-825mhz rx
  • MASTR II Remote Control station combo LBI-4788F: includes:
  •          LBI-4788 description/interconnection
             66-88mzh/25W xmtr (mobile/station) LBI-30616
             66-88mhz Rx LBI-30611
             LBI-30717 base station DC remote control shelf w/ more
  • MASTR II  mobiles, maintenance manual, LBI-4450D: includes:
  •          LBI-4450 description/maintenance
             LBI-4898C: VHF-Lo 100W xmtr
             LBI-30020A: VHF-Lo RX w/ noise blanker (LBI-30106B), IF amp (LBI4991C),
             Osc/Multi bd (LBI-4993), IF audio/sq bd (LBI-4986)
             LBI-4617B: internal/external speaker
             LBI-30239A: C-500 controlunit w/ options (1 & 1-8 freq control units)
             LBI-4750D: Front panel & system bd
  • MASTR II VHF-Lo mobiles, LBI-4535B: consists of:
  •          100w vhf-lo xmtr LBI-4600
             vhf-lo rx w/ noise blanker LBI-4588A
             control units/front panel/system board LBI-4590B
             2 freq priority search lock monitor LBI-4680
  • Audio Board LBI-30705F, 19A129924G1-G3
  • Base Station 60hz Power Supply, LBI-4806A
  • Base Station 60hz power supply, LBI-4806B
  • Base Station 60hz power supply, LBI-4806E
  • Base Station 50hz power supply w/options 9500/9501, LBI-4851A
  • Base Station 50hz p.s. w/ hum suppression options, LBI-30868
  • Battery standby alarm tone instructions LBI4716C
  • Blower kit instructions LBI-4842B
  • Control unit, 1 - 8 freq: LBI-4760C (3)
  • Control unit, 1 - 12 freqs, LBI4734C
  • C400 Control unit LBI-30267B
  • Operator's manual - C400 control unit
  • C-800/900 Installation manual LBI-30369A
  • Auxiliary switch module (C800/900) LBI-30378
  • C-800 Maintenance manual LBI-30224H (rotary control)
  • C-800 Control Unit (pushbutton) LBI30235D
  • Control unit C800 (rotary control) LBI-30224E
  • C-900 Maintenance manual LBI-30204A (rotary control)
  • C-900 Maintenance manual LBI-30234 (pushbutton control)
  • Control module w/ LED channel readout (C800/900) LBI-30811
  • Control module w/ 2 freq PSLM (C800/900), maintenance LBI-30443A
  • Demand Input Board 19D432291G1 LBI-31091 maintenance
  • Dual control assembly LBI4933C (MASTR II & MASTR Exec II)
  • External metering kits instructions LBI-4845C
  • Front panel & system board LBI4750D (3)
  • IF/Audio & Squelch Board 19D417707G1,G2 & 19D432667G1,G2,G3, LBI-4986R
  • Installation Manual for Mobile Combinations, LBI-4444C w/ addendums (S)
  • Line compensation kit instructions LBI-4784
  • Microphone Option MC01 (9511), LBI-4840D
  • Multi-tone channel guard encoder LBI-30242A
  • Phone line protector kit LBI-4783C
  • Phone line protector kit LBI-30871
  • POWR MASTR , VHF-Hi 60w vehicular amplifier Type KT-183-A, LBI-30836
  • POWR MASTR, VHF-Hi 60w vehicular amplifier Type KT-183A, LBI-30836B
  • POWR MASTR, UHF vehicular power amp Type KT-184-A, LBI-30837;
  • Programmable channel guard (encode only), LBI31123C
  • 66-88mhz Rx LBI-30612A description/maintenance
  • 66-88mhz monitor rx LBI-30685D description/maintenance
  • RF Steering switch/mixer IF switch/mixer IF switch-2nd converter Instructions LBI-30038B
  • Single Metering Option ME02, maintenance manual LBI-31983A
  • Station intercom kit instructions LBI-4831
  • Station intercom kit instructions LBI-4831H (MC02: Option 9508)
  • Tone remote & tone remote/repeater control panel 19B234871 P51-74  LBI31853D maintenance
  • Tone Remote/DC Remote (desk/pole/floor), LBI-4788
  • Tone Remote/DC Remote (desk/pole/floor), LBI-4788A, w
  •           Base Station DC Remote Contrl Shelf, LBI-4792
              Base Station 60hz Power Supply, LBI-4806A
  • Tone Remote/DC Remote (desk/pole/floor), Maintenance, LBI-4788E, consists of:
  •           Transmitter, Station & Mobile, VHF-Hi, Maintenance, LBI-4593D
              Receiver, VHF-Hi, Maintenance, LBI-30027A
              Channel Guard Encode/Decode VARIOUS, Maintenance, LBI-4743E
              Base Station 60hz Power Supply, Maintenance, LBI-4806D
  • Tone Remote/DC Remote (desk/pole/floor), LBI-4788G, w/ Carrier Contrl Timer Board, LBI-4979D
  • Base Station DC Remote Control Shelf, LBI-4792A
  • Base Station control shelf LBI-4490C
  • Local Control Continuous Duty Station combination, LBI-4786B
  • Hi-Power local/remote control combos (all freqs) maintenance/description, LBI-4965B
  • Hi-Power local control station combos (all freqs) maintenance/description, LBI-14962D
  • Hi-Power local/remote control station combos (all freqs) maintenance/description, LBI-4965C
  • Various MASTR II Receivers:
  •         VHF-Lo, Dual front end w/ noise blanker w/ options; LBI-4795
            VHF-Hi, dual front end w/ noise blanker w/ options; LBI-4776
            VHF-Hi, w/ options LBI-4672B
            VHF-Hi w/ noise blanker LBI-30028B
            VHF-Hi w/ noise blanker LBI-30110B
            VHF-Hi w/ noise blanker LBI-4592
            VHF-Hi rx LBI-4561B
            VHF-Hi dual front end LBI-30111A
            VHF-Hi dual front end w/ noise blanker LBI-30112A
  • UHF Receiver:
  •          Auxiliary receiver LBI-30766B w/ antenna matching units (supersedes LBI-14915)
  • VHF-Hi Receiver, Maintenance, LBI-4561C
  • VHF-Hi Station Transmitter, 110W, Maintenance, Exciter 19D416859G1-4, Intermittant Duty 110W PA
  • Assembly, Continuous Duty 110W PA Assembly, LBI-4737A
  • VHF-Hi 110W xmtr: Exciter/PA assembly, LBI-4593A
  • UHF Station Transmitter: Exciter Assembly (19D416859G5-8), PA Assembly (Inter. Duty, 40W) &  PA Assembly (Cont. Duty 35W)
  • UHF Transmitter, 100W, Maintenance, LBI-30199F
  • MASTR II Xmtr:
  •             VHF-Hi LBI30422E exciter board
                VHF-Hi LBI-30053G exciter board
                VHF-Hi 35w power amp, mobile/intermittent duty station/continuous duty station LBI-30423
                VHF-Hi 40W power amp, mobile M/E, intermittent/continuous/cont. duplex LBI-30751
                Marine Hi-Lo power amp 25W M/E series LBI-30763
                VHF-Hi 65w power amp, mobile M/E LBI-30748B
                VHF-Hi 100/110W power amp, M/E series LBI-30739D
                VHF-Hi 65W power amp, M/E LBI-30413B
                VHF-Lo, 100W power amp LBI30294D
                VHF-Lo, 100W power amp LBI-30294
                66-88mhz 25W power amp, mobile/station LBI-30619A
  • Repeater Control Boards 19D417385G1/G2 Instructions
  • MASTR II DC Remote Control Boards 19D417382G1-G6 Instructions
  • MASTR II Repeater Control, LBI-4478 (2)
  • Maintenance/description only (no schematics; basic description w/ mechanical breakdown, etc.)
  •            LBI-4450E maintenance/description; VHF-Lo, 50/100w mobiles
               LBI-30621 maintenance/description; 66-88mhz/25W mobiles
               LBI-4535E maintenance/description; VHF-Hi 35/65/110W mobiles
               LBI-30740 maintenance/description; VHF-Hi 40/65/110W mobiles
               LBI4880A maintenance/description; E series duplex, mobiles
               LBI4681D maintenance/description; E series, mobiles
               LBI4698B maintenance/description; E series 1 - 12 freq mobiles
  • MASTR II Oscillator/Multiplier boards:
  •           VHF-Lo (19D423078G1-G8)(2)(LBI-4993G)(MASTR II)
              66-88mhz (19C327402G1,2)(LBI-30556)(MASTR Exec II)
              66-88mhz (19C327790G1,G2)(LBI-130731B)(Custom MVP)
              66-88mhz (19D424813G1-4)(LBI-30613C)(MASTR II)
              VHF-Hi (19C328281G1)(LBI-30744B)(MASTR Exec II)
              UHF  (19C321751G1-G5)(LBI-30063D)(MASTR Exec II)
              VHF-Hi (19D423241G1-G4)(LBI-4984E)(MASTR II)
              UHF (19D423266G1-G10)(LBI-30029E)(MASTR II)
              UHF (19D423266G1-G10)(LBI-30029G)(MASTR II)
              800mhz (19D423194G1)(LBI-30466A)(MASTR II)
              VHF-Hi & UHF (19C321981G1-6/19B227258G1/19C321998G1,2)(CUSTOM MVP)
  • Utility program, PROGRAMMING manual LBI-38540
  • Control shelf LBI38430A
  • System module 19D902590G1,G2 LBI-38639
  • Power module 19D902589G1 LBI-38638
  • Auxiliary backplane 19D902978G1 LBI38532
  • Utility handset LBI-38599A
  • Tone remote & tone remote/repeater control panel 19B234871 P51-74  LBI31853D maintenance
MASTR Executive II
  • Dual control assembly LBI4933C
  • VHF-Hi 60w power amp LBI30352A
  • VHF-Hi 100/110W power amp/mobile M-E/station intermittent LBI-30282D
  • VHF-Lo, 50W power amp LBI30046F
  • VHF-Lo, power amp LBI30046C
  • 66-88mhz power amp LBI30553A
  • MASTR Executive II mobiles, UHF, LBI-30058C: consists of
  •             UHF Exciter board, LBI-30060C
                UHF RX LBI-30062E
                System Audio & Squelch board/multi-freq board/crystal modules/antenna relays, LBI-30043D
                Control head LBI-30065C
                Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder/Decode only/Tone Reject Filter LBI-4143F
  • Mobile, 806/870mhz, Maintenance, LBI-30461E, consists of:
  •             Transmitter, 806/825mhz, 25W Station & 35w Mobile, Maintenance, LBI-30872
                System Audio & Squelch Board, Multi-Frequency Board, Crystal Modules & Antenna Relays,
                Maintenance, LBI-30043K
                Control Unit 19C303901G3/G4, Maintenance, LBI-30065E
                Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder 19D430740G1/G4, Maintenance, LBI-30854D
  • Desktop/Wallmount Station, LBI-30131H: also includes
  •             VHF-Hi Transmitter, 35W, LBI-30052C
                VHF-HI Receiver, LBI-30055E
                 Base Station DC Remote Control, LBI-30434G
                Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder & Tone Reject Filter, LBI-30854C
  • TPX 8403 Op manual, in the wrap, LBI-31786  (2, 1 used)
  • MPI Personal Radios, VHF-Hi, 2W, Maintenance LBI-31168B (6)
  • MPI Personal Radios, UHF 450/470, 2W, Maintenance, LBI-31102C
  • MPI Personal Radios, UHF 403/512, 2/4W, Maintenance, LBI-31302   (4 available)
  • MPI Personal Radios, VHF-Hi, 2/4W, Maint., LBI31311 (3)
  • MPI Personal Radios, UHF, 2/4W, Maint., LBI31496B
  • MPI Personal Radios, UHF, 2/4W, Maint., LBI31496C
  • MPI Personal Radios, VHF-Hi, 2/4W, Maint., LBI31497B (4)
  • MPI Speaker/Microphone maintenance manual, LBI-31309A
  • MPI Desk Charger maintenance manual, LBI-31300A
  • MPI Operator's Manual, LBI-31142C
  • MPX multiple tone channel guard kit VHF-Hi LBI-31067
  • MVP Personal Radios, UHF RX for PE/PortaMobil II, ER62A, Maint., LBI-4577B
  • MVP Personal Radios, VHF-Hi & UHF, 6 Frequency PY combos, Maintenance, LBI-4995B consists of: (3)
  •                         UHF Receiver, ER72A, Maintenance, LBI-30591 (MASTR MVP Personal)
                           System Board & Case Assembly 19D423171G2, Maintenance, LBI-4900B
                            (MASTR MVP Personal)
                            Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder 19C321017G1/G2, for PE/PY models & Porta-Mobil
                            II,  LBI-4870D, Maintenance
                            PE Model, UHF, 4W Transmitter, Maintenance, KT104A/KT105A/KT110A/
                            KT111A,  LBI-4918A
  • PY Model, 6 Frequency, VHF-Hi & UHF, Maint., LBI4995D (2, has LBI30696B)
  •                         PE Model Xmtr, 4W, UHF, KT104A/KT105A/KT110A/KT111A, Maint., LBI4918C
                            UHF RX, ER72A, Maint., LBI30591C
                            UHF Systems Board & Case Assembly, Maint., LBI30696A
                           Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder for PE/PY/PortaMobile II, Maint., LBI4870G
  • PY Model, 6 Frequency, VHF-Hi & UHF, Maint., LBI4995E
  •                         PE Model, UHF 4W Xmtr, KT104A/KT105A/KT110A/KT111A, LBI4918D
                            UHF RX, ER72A, Maint., LBI30591D
                            Systems Board & Case Assembly, UHF, Maint., LBI31077
                            Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder for PE/PY/PortaMobile II, Maint., LBI4870H
  • PE Models, Controls: consists of:
  •                         System Board & Case Assembly, Maintenance, LBI-4578D
                            System Board & Case Assembly, Maintenance, LBI-4643E
                            System Board & Case Assembly, Maintenance, LBI-4771A
                            System Board & Case Assembly, Maintenance, LBI-4773A
                            System Board & Case Assembly, Maintenance, LBI-4704C
                            System Board & Case Assembly, Maintenance, LBI-4764B
  • 1988/89 GE Service Parts Catalog:  this is a large looseleaf binder, covering items available this year.  Info on: crystals, antennas, speakers; PLUS parts lists and MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN (NO schematics) views on the following radios/control heads/etc: MARC V & Classic/Classic II control units, MARC V Personals, DELTA S/SX Mobiles/Desktop Stations, S500/550/600/990 series control heads, DELTA control units, PHOENIX S/SX Mobiles, MASTR II Stations (DC/SC/PC/VC) & control shelves, MASTR II M/E Series Mobiles/Duplex, C-500/600/700/800/900 control units, auxiliary switch module, MARC V-E Trunked,  CMX 800mhz mobiles, RANGER/MCS/MLS/MVS Mobiles, Carfone cellular, MPR/MPX/MPS Personals & chargers, MPR vehicular charger/repeater control, MPI Personals, Executive II & Beacon pagers, M-PD Personals, PLS Personals & chargers, DESKON II.  Semiconductor & Zener Diode cross-reference lists available as scans.  REMEMBER - these are MECHANICAL BREAKDOWNS, not schematics; many have combination lists to figure out model types.
  • CUSTOM MVP, VHF-Hi LBI-30143A power amp
  • CUSTOM MVP, VHF-Hi power amp LBI-30514
  • CUSTOM MVP, 66-88mhz 25w power amp LBI-30637A
  • DELTA-S programmable tone/digital channel guard & filter LBI31201A
  • DELTA S/SX Programmable tone/digital channel guard & filter LBI312210C
  • MASTR Progress Line Executive Series mobiles, VHF-Hi, LBI-3712B
  • MASTR Progress Line Executive Series mobiles, VHF-Hi, LBI-3712C (2)
  • MASTR Progress Line Executive Series mobiles, VHF-Hi, LBI-4325 (2)
  • MASTR Controller, Series 539 & 549 (2)
  • MASTR Executive II Desktop/Wall Station combos, Maint., LBI30131D
  • Custom MVP mobiles, all bands, w/ AC power supply option, LBI-30163BG
  • LBI30163G: maintenance/description only (all freqs)
  • Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder 19C327626G1, Encode only 19C327626G2, Decode only 19C327626G3,  LBI-30370C
  • Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder 19C327626G1, Encode only 19C327626G2, Decode only 19C327626G3,  LBI-30370D
  • Multiple Tone Channel Guard Encoder 19D417862G1/G2, Maintenance, LBI-30242E
  • UHF Exciter Board 19D423865G2 & G4, Maintenance, LBI30200E
  • VHF-Hi Monitor Receiver, LBI-30664
  • Power Call & Power Call/Siren, Model 4EA22A12 & B12, Maintenance, LBI-4729C
  • MPX Personal Series GE-Star Encoder Module, Maint., LBI31019B
  • MPI Channel Guard, Digital Channel Guard & Carrier Control Timer, Maint., LBI31174C
  • Solid-State Paging Terminal Series 900, LBI-8829A
  • Deskon II Remote Control Unit for standard & GE-Marc V trunked mobiles, desk/wall mount, Maintenance,  LBI-4533J
  • Porta-Mobil II, Maintenance, VHF-Hi, LBI-30230A
  • Porta-Mobil, VHF-Hi, Maintenance, LBI-3480H
  • Porta-Mobil Channel Guard, Maint., LBI-3498D
  • Porta-Mobil II, VHF-Hi, Motorcycle Maintenance Manual, LBI30290
  • CENTURY II programmable channel guard LBI-30893A
  • CENTURY II programmable channel guard LBI-31153
  • CENTURY II, VHF-Hi, 10/25W transmitter, Maintenance, LBI-30783B
  • CENTURY II, UHF, 5/20w Transmitter mobiles, w/
  •                       AC Power Supply w/ standby charger options, AC Power Supply w/ Desk Mic Options,
                          Maintenance, LBI30777B
                          Channel Guard Encoder/Decoder, Tone Reject Filter, Maintenance, LBI-30782
  • CENTURY II, VHF-Hi, 10/25W, Maintenance, LBI30935 (2)
  • CENTURY II Programmable Channel Guard, Maint., LBI30893A
  • Control Units (Control Heads), C-800 & C-900 Series, Installation, LBI-30369C
  • C-800 Series Control Units (Rotary Control), Maintenance, LBI-30224G
  • C-400 Series Control Unit, Maint., LBI30267A
  • GE-MARC 500 Programmable Paging Terminal, Programming Manual, LBI30883
  • ACCENT 450 manuals: installation/service/etc.
  • Carfone Cellular Mobile Radio, Maint., LBI-31574B
  • Portable Test Set EX3A, LBI4454B (partial?)
  • DESKON Remote Control Unit, Mdls 4EC78A20 & 21
  • GE-STAR encoder module LBI-30959

  • A-9A             Audio Amplifier (missing first two pages, one is the schematic)     (S)(A)
  • A-9B             Audio Amplifier                         (S)(A)
  • AA-1             Audio Analyzer   (595-100)(5/5/61)    (S)(A)
  • AA-21           Transistor Stereo Amplifier   (S)(A)
  • AA-141         Hi-Fi Stereo Preamp                 (S)(A)(595-476, 9-8-61)
  • AA-1800       Power Amp, schematic only (partial) (S)
  • AC-17           Headphone Control                     (S)(A)(2)
  • AD-1701      Graphic Output Indicator
  • AG-8             Audio Generator                          (A/O)(S)
  • AG-10           Sine-Square Wave Generator  (595-182)(12/2/60)  (S)(A)
  • AJ-14            Solid State FM Stereo Tuner (595-1198-01)('65)   (A)(S)
  • AJ-33A         Transistor Stereo Receiver, includes two change sheets  (S)(A)
  • AM-2             Reflected Power Meter               (S)(A)(4)  
  • AO-1             Audio Oscillator                          (S)(A/O)
  • AR-15           Solidstate FM Stereo Receiver  (A/O)(S - large)
  • AR-27           FM Solid-State Receiver   Spec sheet & large schematic
  • AR-1500A   Stereo Receiver schematic
  • ARM-15-1    AR-15 Modification Kit  (S) (improves reliability of power supply)
  • AV-3              Audio VTVM                                (S)(A)
  • B-1                 Balun Coil                                    (A/O)
  • BC-1              Broadcast Tuner                         (A/O)(S)
  • C-3                 Condenser Checker                   (S)(A/O)(3)
  • CI-1080         Exhaust Gas Analyzer               (A/O)(S)
  • CM-1073      Automotive Tune-Up Meter      (A/O)(S)
  • CO-15            Solidstate Ignition Analyzer Operation Handbook  
  • COA-1015-1    Power Inverter                         (A/O)(S)
  • CP-1060        Capacitive Discharge System  (S)(A/O)
  • CS-2048        Electronic Speed Control
  • DF-2                 Transistor Radio Navigator  (A/O)(S)
  • DX-35             Amateur Transmitter               (O)(S)(photocopy - no assembly)   
  • EF-1                 How to Understand & Use Your Vacuum Tube Voltmeter, Technnical Applications series
  • EF-2                 How to Understand & Use Your Oscilloscope, Technical Applications series
  • ET-3400(A)   Microprocessor Trainer       (S)
  • ETI-7010        Digital Multimeter, User Manual (S)
  • FM-3                Frequency Modulation Tuner    (A/O)(S)
  • FM-3A             Frequency Modulation Tuner    (A/O)(S)
  • FMO-1             FM Test Oscillator (595-294)(11/2/62)       (A/O)(S)    
  • G-2                   Sine & Square Wave Audio Generator  (S)(A)  early green cover
  • GC-1A            Mohican RX                            (S)(A/O)(2: 8/26/60 & 9/6/63)
  • GC-1107        Digital Alarm Clock             (S)(A)(2 - both w/out covers)
  • GD-1A          Grid-Dip Meter                          (S)(A/O)
  • GD-1B          Grid-Dip Meter                          (S)(A/O)(2)
  • GD-19           5 Channel Digital Proportional RC System  (S)(A)(3)
  • Change Sheets for 5 Channel Digital Proportional RC System
  • GD-48            Metal Locator                          (S)(A)(2)
  • GD-110          Intercom Master Station       (S)(A)
  • GD-212          Transistorized Ignition System  (A)(S)
  • GD-600         Photoelectric Light Switch    (S)
  • GD-1186       Digital Scale                       (A/O)(S - large)
  • GD-1187       Touch Control Switch        (S)(A) (one change sheet present)
  • GD-1287       Touch Control Switch          (A/O)(S)
  • GD-2007       Bug Killer                              (S)
  • GDA-19-41    Miniature Digital Proportional Servo (p/n 595-1318)(A)(S)(4)
  • GDP-134        NELI Trans-Ignition System  (S)(A)
  • GP-11           Vibrator Power Supply             (S)(A)
  • GR-28            AM-Table Radio  (595-1100-01)('69)  (A)(S)
  • GR-43A         All-Band Transistor Portable Radio   (A)(S)
  • GR-61            FM Portable Radio                  (S)(A)
  • GR-78           Condensed Manual                 (A/O)(S)   *****************
  • GR-88            VHF-FM Monitor Receiver     (A)(S)
  • GR-151A       Portable Transistor Radio   (S)(A)
  • GR-740          40 Channel Scanner
  • GR-1008        AM Portable Radio           (A)(S)
  • GRA-88-1      AC Power Supply               (S)(A)(2)
  • GW-10           CB Xcvr                                  (A/O)
  • GW-30          Handheld CB Xcvr      (A/O)(S)
  • GW-11A/GWW-11A/GW-11D/GWW-11D   CB Xcvr  Schematic/Parts List/Alignment (Sam's Photofact)   
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Heath 8-bit Digital Computer Systems: MICROSOFT BASIC  (595-2285-03, 1979)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Operating Instructions, Chapter 1 (595-2335, 1979)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Console Debugger DBUG, Chapter 2 (595-2336, 1979)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Heath Text Editor EDIT, Chapter 3 (595-2337)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Heath Assembly Language ASM, Ch. 4 (595-2338, 1979)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Extended Benton Harbor BASIC, Ch. 5 (595-2339, 1979)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Heath Disk Operating System Model H8-17 (595-2340-01, 1979)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Configuration for the H8-17  (HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, H8 Computer: Front Panel Monitor PAM-8 (595-2348)(HC#1)
  • HDOS System, Software Reference Manual, Heath Disk Operating System Model H8-17 (595-2169-01)(HC#1)
  • H9            Video Terminal
  • H11 Computer Original Schematic (large)
  • H11 Computer (Model 830-35) Modification Kit Paperwork: 12p booklet + 4  page pictorial  for front panel control of line time clock function (S)
  • H11A        Digital Computer (595-2223-03)(S)(A) w/ one page change sheet (wiring)
  • H-17-1      48TPI, 5¼" Floppy Disk Drive (595-2716, 1981)(HC#1) (S)
  • H19A        Video Terminal Assembly manual (S)
  • H19A        Video Terminal Operation manual
  • H-88/H-89/Z-89/Z-90 Configuration Guide (597-2571-02)(HC#1)(3)
  • H-88-1       Floppy Disk Accessory Instructions (S)(597-2377-03, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-88-1       Floppy Disk Accessory Instructions (S)(597-2377-04, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-88-1       Illustration booklet  (part of 597-2377-03, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-88-1       Schematic, Floppy Disk Interface  (part of 597-2377-03, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A        Digital Computer, Operation (595-2766, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A        Digital Computer, Assembly   (595-2596, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A        Digital Computer, Operation  (S)(595-2766-03, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A        Digital Computer, Assembly  (595-2766-03, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A         Illustration booklet, circuit board x-rays  (part of 595-2597)(HC#1)
  • H-89A         Illustration booklet, circuit board x-rays  (part of 595-2766, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A         Schematic, part 1 of 3  (part of 595-2766-03)(HC#1)
  • H-89A          Schematic, part 2 of 3  (part of 595-2766-03)(HC#1)
  • H-89A         Schematic, part 3 of 3  (part of 595-2766-03)(HC#1)
  • H-89A/WH-89A   Schematic, pt. 1 of 3 (part of 595-2597, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A/WH-89A   Schematic, pt. 2 of 3 (part of 595-2597, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-89A/WH-89A   Schematic, pt. 3 of 3 (part of 595-2597, 1981)(HC#1)
  • H-2862       Supersport 286 VGA Computer   (A/Diagnostics)
  • HA-88-3      Serial Interface Accessory Instructions (597-2375, 1981)(HC#1)(2)
  • HA-88-3       Illustration booklet (part of 597-2375)(HC#1)(2)
  • HA-88-3       Serial Interface Accessory Instructions  (S)(597-2375-01, 1981)(HC#1)
  • HA-88-3       Schematic, Serial Interface  (part of 597-2375, 1981)(HC#1)
  • HA-201        2 meter Amplifier  (A)(S)
  • HA-202A      2 meter FM Amplifier   (A/O) (change sheet included)
  • HA-2513      Discone Antenna   (S)
  • HA-2862-2/-4     20/40mb Winchester Drive Instructions - installation  ************
  • HD-1             Harmonic Distortion Meter (595-105)(1/13/59) (S)(A)
  • HD-15           Hybrid Phone Patch           (S)(A)(2)
  • HD-16           Code Oscillator                  (S)(A)(3)
  • HD-19           Hybrid Phone Patch            (S)(A)
  • HD-1234      Coaxial Switch                    (2)
  • HD-1250      Solid-State Dip Meter   (S)
  • HD-1274      Outlet Box                      (A/O)   ****************
  • HD-1410      Electronic Keyer            (A/O)(S)(595-1692-03, 1975)
  • HD-1422-A  Antenna Noise Bridge
  • HD-1530      Touch-Tone Decoder    (A/O)(S)
  • HD-1780      Intellirotor                     (A)(S - large & also covers HDW-1780)   ****************
  • HD-1984      Micoder II                        (S)
  • HD-4040      Terminal Node Controller  (A/O)
  • HD-4040     Terminal Node Controller, Users Manual
  • HDP-21A    Microphone                     (Instructions, S)(2) (S)   ***************
  • HK-232-A     Packkit Data Controller, User manual, Part 1
  • HK-232-A     Packkit Data Controller, User manual, Part 2   ************
  • HM-15          Reflected Power Meter & SWR Bridge   (S)(A)
  • HM-102       RF Power Meter             (S)(A)(595-1272-06, 1970)(2)
  • HM-2102     VHF Wattmeter              (S)
  • HN-31          Cantenna Dummy RF Load  (S)(A)(1962)(2)
  • HN-31         Cantenna Dummy RF Load  (S)(A)(1965: 595-527-03)(2)
  • HN-31         Cantenna Dummy RF Load  (A)(S)(1970; 595-527-01)
  • HO-10         Monitor Scope                       (A)(S)(1/11/65)(595-578)
  • HO-13        Ham-Scan Panoramic Adaptor        (S)(A)
  • HP-13         Transistorized DC Power Supply    (S)(A)
  • HP-13B      Transistorized Power DC Power Supply  (S)(A)(595-1415-02, 1972)
  • HP-20         Utility Power Supply         (S)(A)
  • HP-23         AC Power Supply  (595-635)(6/19/64)  (A/O)(S)
  • HP-23A      AC Power Supply              (A)(S)(595-924-01, 1968)
  • HP-1175      Accessory Power Supply   (A/O)(S)
  • HR-1680      SSB/CW RX                    (A)(S - large)(p/n 595-1830-05, 1976)
  • HS-24          Mobile Speaker                 (A/O)   
  • HVM-122A    Monochrome Video Monitor   (A/O)(S)
  • HW-7          Low Power CW Xcvr          (S)(A)
  • HW-10         6mtr Xcvr  (Shawnee        (A)(S)(aftermarket)
  • HW-12        80mtr  SSB Xcvr                (S)(A)
  • HW-12A      75mtr SSB Xcvr             (A)
  • HW-16       CW Xcvr                            (S)(A)
  • HW-20        2mtr Xcvr  (Pawnee)      (A)(S)
  • HW-22         40mtr SSB Xcvr             (S)(A)
  • HW-22A      80mtr SSB Xcvr              (S)(A)
  • HW-29A      6mtr  Xcvr                        (A)
  • HW-30        "Twoer" 2 mter Xcvr     (S)(A)(2)(2/19/65)(595-364)
  • HW-101      SSB Xcvr                           (S)(A)
  • HW-2021    2mtr Handheld Xcvr      (A)
  • HW-2026     Synthesized 2-Meter FM Xcvr  (S)(A)  Change sheet inside manual
  • HW-8           QRP CW Transceiver (S) (S)
  • HWA-9         Accessory Band Pack  documentation (expands HW-9 to eight frequencies) (S)
  • HWA-202-1    AC Power Supply     (S)(A)
  • HWA-2036-3  AC Power Supply    (S)\
  • IB-2A            Impedance Bridge (595-156)(10/12/59)   (S)(A/O)
  • IB-102          Frequency Scalar           (S)(A)(3)
  • IB-1102        Frequency Counter, Schematic
  • IB-5281        RLC Bridge   
  • IC-2108        Electronic Desk-Top Calculator  (S)(A)
  • IC-2108        Electronic Desk-Top Calculator  (Op)
  • ID-11            Ignition Timing Light           (S)(A)
  • ID-22             Electronic Switch                    (S)(A)(2)
  • ID-1290        Weather Station                 (S)(2)
  • ID-1390B/BE   Electronic Digital Thermometer (S)
  • ID-4804        Byte Probe       (S)
  • IG-42            Laboratory Type Signal Generator  (S)(A)
  • IG-72            Audio Generator   (S)(A)
  • IG-1272        Audio Generator (595-1887-01)('77)  (A)(O)
  • IM-10            Service Bench VTVM  (A)(S)
  • IM-11           VTVM                 (S)(A)
  • IM-13           Service Bench VTVM                 (A)(S)
  • IM-17           Utility Solid-State Voltmeter   (S)(A)(3)
  • IM-17           Utility Solid State Voltmeter, Condensed manual
  • IM-18           VTVM                (S)(A) (S)
  • IM-22           Audio Analyzer       (A/O)(S)
  • IM-25            Solid State VOM    (S)(A)
  • IM-28            VTVM  (A)(S)
  • IM-2203        Line Voltage Monitor             (A/O)
  • IM-2215        Portable Digital Multimeter  (A/O)(S)
  • IM-2410        Frequency Counter          (S)
  • IM-4100        Frequency Counter (I-595-1776-05)(1975)   (S)(2)
  • IM-4100        Change sheets - 4 pages, factory docs (S)
  • IM/SM-4130   1 ghz Frequency/Period Meter & IMA/SMA-4130-1  12V Power Converter, HEATH SERVICE DATA
  • IMA-18-1      VTVM Modification Kit Instructions (p/n 597-1440-01); to convert IM-18 to solidstate (S)
  • IN-22              Condenser Substitution Box  (A)
  • IO-14              Laboratory Oscilloscope
  • IO-18              Laboratory 5" Oscilloscope (595-992-01, 5/9/69)
  • IO-103            5" Triggered Sweep O'scope    (S)(A)
  • IO-4105          5 Mhz O'scope
  • IO-4510          15mhz O'scope                 (S)(A)
  • IO-4510     15mhz O'scope 2 Volume Set: Assembly & Operation (S)
  • IO-4530          10mhz O'scope Assembly manual
  • IO-4530          10mhz O'scope Operation manual (S)   this is a matched pair w/ one above
  • IO-4540          5mhz O'scope              (S)(A)
  • IOW-12          5" O'scope Owner's Manual   (S)(O)
  • IP-10               Isolation Transformer       (S)(A)
  • IP-12               Battery Eliminator             (S)(A)
  • IPA-5280-1    AC Power Supply
  • IT-10               Transistor-Diode Checker  (S)(A)
  • IT-11               Capacitor Checker               (S)(A)
  • IT-11               Modifications (2), factory docs (S)
  • IT-12              Visual-Aural Signal Tracer  (S)(A)
  • IT-21              Tube Checker             (S)(A)
  • IT-17/IT-21      Tube Tester Tube Data (1975/76)(p/n 597-1442)
  • IT-17/21/3117 Tube Testers Tube Data (1976)(p/n ?)
  • IT-18               In-Circuit/Out-of-Circuit Transistor Checker   (S)(A)(2) (S)
  • IT-18               another one, only the first 24 pages (w/ schematic)
  • IT-21               Tube Checker (595-537)(7/20/62) (A)(S)
  • IT-22               Capaci-Tester      (S)(A)(2)
  • IT-27                Transistor-Diode Checker  (S)(A)(2)
  • IT-28               Capacitor Checker, Condensed manual  (S)(A/O)(photocopy)   ***************
  • IT-121             FET/Transistor Tester (S)(A/O)
  • IT-1121           Semiconductor Curve Tracer (S)(A/O)
  • IT-3121           Semiconductor Curve Tracer  (S)(A)  missing front cover (S)
  • IT-5283           Signal Tracer
  • IT-7410           Logic Probe                        (S)
  • LG-1                Laboratory Type Signal Generator (595-87)(6/25/61)   (S)(A)
  • MI-18               Tachometer                       (S)(A)(2)
  • MI-1030          Depth sounder                (A)(S)
  • MI-2916          Digital Depth Sounder w/ change sheets (A/O)(S - large)
  • MM-1              VOM                                  (S)(A/O)(2)
  • MP-10             Power Inverter                   (S)(A)(2)
  • MR-1               Commanche Spec Sheet, 6 page (S)
  • MR-21A         Marine Radio Direction Finder 595-692)(2/28/64) (A/O)(S)
  • NS-1100          Solar Domestic Hot Water System
  • O-5                   O'scope                           (A)(O) (S)
  • O-8                   O'scope                               (S)(A/O)
  • O-10                 O'scope                               (A/O)(S)
  • O-11                 Laboratory O'scope           (S)(A/O)(2)
  • O-12                 Laboratory O'scope           (S)(A/O)
  • OM-1               O'scope                              (S)(A/O) missing covers
  • OM-3               O'scope                              (S)(A/O)
  • OP-1                 Professional O'scope        (A)
  • PK-1           Universal Scope Probe (S)(A/O)(S)
  • PM-14             Fotoval Computer              (S)(A)
  • PMK-121       RS-232 Switch Box        (A/O)(S)
  • PS-3               Variable Voltage Power Supply      (S)(A/O)
  • PS-4               Regulated Power Supply            (S)(A)
  • QM-1             Q-Meter  (NO covers)      (S)
  • RM-4             Radiation Monitor            (S) (scans only)
  • S-3                 Electronic Switch              (S)(A/O)
  • SA-2040       Antenna Tuner            (S)(2)
  • SA-2060       Antenna Tuner             (S)(595-2514, 1981)
  • SA-5010       uMATIC Memory Keyer  (S - large)(595-2505-01, 1981)
  • SB-101         SSB Transceiver  (S)(A)(595-840-02, 1-17-69)
  • SB-101         Original schematic  (S)
  • SB-104A     SSB Xcvr                  (A)(595-1992-03, 1977)
  • SB-104A     SSB Xcvr                  (O)(S - large)(595-1994-04, 1977)
  • SB-301         SSB Rx  (S)(595-946)(3-22-68)
  • SB-401         SSB Xmtr                       (S)(A)
  • SB-401        SSB Xmtr, Condensed  (S)(A/O)
  • SB-604         Accessory Speaker manual
  • SB-610         Monitor Scope                 (S)(A)(2)
  • SB-620        Scanalyzer                        (S)(A)(595-827, 6-7-68)
  • SB-640         External LMO                   (S)(A)(595-845, 5-12-67)
  • SB-650         Frequency Display          (A/S)(595-1401)(1972)
  • SB-1000      Linear Amplifier            (A/O)   ********************
  • SB-1400       HF Transceiver             (O)
  • SBA-104-1 Noise Blanker  (S)(A/O)
  • SF-9103       Computerized Phone System (H-89) update sheet  (HC#1)
  • SG-8              Signal Generator            (S)(A) (S)
  • SM-118A      Auto-Ranging Frequency Counter (Heath/Schlumberger)(A/O)(S)
  • SP-2717A     Regulated High Voltage Power Supply (O)(S) (some mod info inside)
  • SRA-8100-3     Satellite Receiver Systems, Book 1  Assembly & Test
  • SRA-8100-3    Satellite Receiver Systems, Book 2  (S)  Initial Test/Setup, Assembling the system, Operation, etc.
  • TC-1 & TC-2   New Tube Release Data Addendum, for use w/ 1-1-71 Data Book, dated 1-1-72  (4 pages)
  • TC-1 & TC-2   Tube Test Data, for use w/ Roll Chart 1-1-66  (40 pages)
  • TC-1/TC-2/TC-2P Supplement Test Data Sheet , 14p,  dated 1-1-64  (2) (S)
  • TC-1, TC-2, TC-2P, TC-3 & IT-21 Test Data Sheet for New Tubes,   1p,  dated 4-1-64 (S)
  • TC-2               Tube Checker                   (S)(A/O)(4)
  • TCR-1           Transisitor Clock Radio  (A/O)(S)
  • TM-1626       Stereo Microphone Mixer (A)(S) (S)
  • TS-4A            Television Aligment Generator    (S)(A/O)
  • V-4A              VTVM            (A/O)(S)
  • V-6                 VTVM              (S)(A/O)
  • V-7                 VTVM              (S)(A/O)
  • V-7A              VTVM            (S)(A/O)(3)
  • VC-3              Voltage Calibrator  (S)(A)
  • VF-2031        Handheld 2mtr Xcvr
  • VL-1180       VHF All Mode Amplifier   (S)
  • W4-AM        Williamson Type Amplifier  (A/O)(S)
  • W-6M 70W Amplifier, schematic only
  • WH88-16     16K Memory Expansion Accessory Schematic (part of 595-2489-01)(HC#1)(2)
  • XR-1             Transistor Receiver  (A/O)(S)
  • Z-87                Floppy Disk, Operation   (595-2394-04, 1980)(HC#1)
  • Z-89-11          Multi-Function I/O Card, Operation  (595-2772)(HC#1)
  • Z-89-11          Illustration booklet, circuit board x-ray  (part of 595-2772, 1982)(HC#1)
  • Z-89-11          Schematic of Multi-Function I/O Card  (part of 595-2772)(HC#1)
  • Z-89-37          Double-Density Disk Controller, Operation  (595-2674-03, 1981)(HC#1)
  • Z-89-37          Double-Densi